So as some of you may already know “Marcela” has been working with the symphonic death metal band MaYaN for a while by now.
They are in the middle of recording a brand new album together.
Last week she went back to lovely Sandlane Recording Facilites, one of her favorite places in the world, to record new vocal parts.
She did this together with Joost van den Broek, who’s also producer of the album, and the wonderful Laura Macrí who also sings with the band Mayan and has the most gorgeous opera voice.
They spent two days recording all female vocal parts of the album. She also wrote quite a lot of vocal melodies and lyrics for the album !
Plus she got the chance of using her voice in ways she hadn’t done before on any album. They are all very excited to hear the final result when the album is finished !

There’s a lot of amazing orchestrations on this album, created by ex-After Forever keyboard player Jack Driessen.
With the band’s profound love for epic movie scores, it has been a dream to incorporate real strings, brass and percussion into the music
and have written each new track to be amplified with the sounds of an orchestra.
You can help the band make this dream come true by pledging to their campaign for the many unique rewards that they have created for you, including exclusive access to our new Ep
(Only available through this campaign) and a chance to attend the orchestra recordings !

Click here to help the band record the album with a symphonic orchestra !

Also check out the promo video for this here !!

So to all fans of symphonic ‘death’ metal like Mayan , Epica , After Forever to name just a few please support this amazing project I know for a fact that this will be worth all your money !
I’m doing my part also so who’s with me for this !!

For more info visit Mayan on facebook !