“De verlichte geest” was again the center of the better music on Saturday October 6th.
Although many other gigs were organized everywhere, many turned out to go to the rock temple to see these three bands.

Opener of the evening is the Belgian “Fabulae Dramatis”. For starters it is almost impossible to put this band in a box in terms of genre.
There is so much in that music that afterwards I had to ask Isabelle Restrepo how she would describe it herself.
She said, “I have two words for you, Eclectic and Avant-Garde.” And actually I could not put it better.
From their previously released two albums (OM in 2012 and Solar Time’s Fable in 2017) this company could make a varied selection for their set list.
I was enjoying the diversity and the sometimes special bass techniques that Hamlet made from his four-string monster.


Kein Schmerz
Agni’s Dynasty (Fire I)
Coatlicue Serpent Skirt (Earth)
Smoke for the Clouds (AhuiraМЃn’s Water)
Heresy (Steel)
Roble Para El Corazon (Wood)
Barren (Gravel)
Sati (Fire II)

Second band of the evening was “Squealer”. This German formation has been around since 1984 and mainly produces Thrash and speed metal.
In recent years, that has somewhat weakened, but the gentlemen know the tricks well enough to set a tent on fire.
They sounded pretty good and exchanged the harder songs with less harsh numbers.
Although singer Sebastian already announced twice that the upcoming song is his favorite song, we understood that he had a special connection with those songs and also noticed that the audience appreciated these songs.
It was sometimes difficult to move dynamically on the small stage, but still (except for the drummer) everyone moved from left to right and played on the audience. The band had their most recent album just out and three songs came out of it.


Painful Lust
Time Goes by
But no one cares
Behind closed doors
The circle shuts
Nowhere to hide
Under the cross
The final daylight

Headliner of the evening were the gentlemen of Down Under, or better known as Australia, “Black Majesty”.
They were on tour and played for more than an hour for this occasion.
With an almost original line-up this foursome was giving the best of themselves in a varied but powerful set.
Bassis Evan Harris does it with an extra string and only joined the band in 2015,
but the guitarists Hanny Mohammed and Steve Janevski as well as singer John “Gio” Cavaliere had been in the band since 2001.
The name Gio is a clear reference to Ronnie James Dio, because the resemblance is really striking.
Convincing and with a large portion of enthusiasm this setlist was eagerly eaten by the public.


Far Beyond
Further than insane
Dragons unite
Darkened room
Dragon Reborn
Silent Company
Something’s going on
Fall of the reich

Another successful evening, where three musical genres are seamlessly linked together.
Tumbs up for rockfiles promo for organizing this amazing evening !!

Review by Andy G. Maelstaf.