This band has been working on their metal legacy for some time now. A very good demo and many excellent live performances already gave them some fame.
You could say, one of Ostend’s leading bands. And now, finally, the long awaited full CD. And what an album, a serious kick in the teeth !

Everything starts with the mysterious intro Haima, to go seamlessly into Mothman, a great song with many tempo changes.
Transitions from classic thrash to modern metal with lingering harmonies.
After this, Melancholia, what a bombshell this is. The vocals of Kevin “Rambo” Van Eeckhoutte lean more towards Black Metal.
Aggresieve guitar parts, followed by beautiful solos, changing to some more groove and then back to the aggression.
Superbe, again alternating tempos and very immersive.
Denounce was already on the demo, but it has been upgraded again. Kevin’s vocals are more aggressive,
Arthur’s superbe drum parts and a full production make this song a mandatory brain buster !
Suicide Call starts with a piece from Full Metal Jacket, and here again seamlessly moves back to outright classic thrash.
Beautiful solos, breaks and groove. Powerful track, should definitely be included in the live set.
Scream, Burn, Die is a song that was already in the live set. Classic thrash with the necessary tempo changes.
A small resting point with The Downward Spiral, as far as speed is concerned, because the groove remains and the aggression in the vocal parties.
Halfway even a great instrumental break.
With Melancholia part II we have a wonderful instrumental piece of these guys. Really to drift away in dreams.
And last but not least, Veiled Women Of The Black. By melody worn end song of this album. Alternately, compelling, a truly epic song.

The conclusion is that this album is a mandatory purchase for those who love Metal with great influences from Thrash,
with a Post Black edge here and there.  So no, not just another new Thrash record. But so much more…!


01 – Haima
02 – Mothman
03 – Melancholia
04 – Denounce
05 – Suicidal call
06 – Scream Burn Die
07 – The Downward Spiral
08 – Melancholia Part II
09 – Veiled Woman Of The Black

The release show of Lethal Injury’s Melancholia goes on Friday 28/09/2018 in “De Grote Post” in Ostend.

I would say “See you all there!”   It will be an awesome party !

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Review by Pascal Maudoux.