Only 3 weeks ago I found this band on facebook and immediatly I got interested to find out more about this.

Leather Jacks was created in 2016 by singer,songwriter and guitarist Mauro Cordeiro from Sao Paulo (Brazil).
He wrote all the songs , plays all instruments , sang all vocals , produced , recorded and mixed the album ! The man simply does everything !
I contacted him and after a small chat I knew right away that this guy makes music with the greatest passion.
His main concept is to bring back the good old days from hardrock / heavy metal !!
This debut cd proves that he knows what he’s doin’ !!

9 well crafted hardrock songs (8 and 1 instrumental) that bring back the glory of the 80’s !

He plays various styles on this debut so the cd never gets bored. Songs like “People (we’re chosen ones)” that has a sleazy vibe in it.
“Crocodile’s heart” has Dokken written all over it !!  Awesome !
“Burning wire” & “Leatherjacks” are both sollid hardrock songs with beautifull guitars throughout the songs. Both songs remind me of Dio , Wasp , Maiden…..
“Emotions on sale” is more a semi ballad and starts with a nice bluesy guitar intro ! On this song it hits me that how good his voice actually sounds !
“The slammer” & “Do you fucking pay my bills” both are again very sollid rock songs , well played !
“Motocross” is the instrumental track on the album , I’m not a big fan of intrumental tracks so I skip to the last song.
“The lost arks of rock and roll” is again a very classy hardrock song with that Dokken feeling in it.
For me this is the best song on here and it closes the album leaving me with the urge to start immediatly all over again.

Bottom line , this is a very good debut album from a man that has music in his blood !!

I can easily recomend this album to all lovers of classic hardrock music.
If you’re a fan of bands like Dokken,Dio,Wasp,Maiden,Motorhead,Y&T and more like this than this is something you should check out !
I for one can’t wait for the physical cd to be released.  Mauro my friend , you rock man !!
Not only did I discover a great band but I know also that I have a new friend in you ! Until we meet my friend.

Independant release (Mauro Cordeiro)

Digital release april 18th 2017 on various digital platforms.
Physical cd     june 2017.


01. People (We´re Chosen Ones)
02. Crocodile´s Heart
03. Burning Wire
04. Leatherjacks
05. Emotions on Sale
06. The Slammer
07. Do You Fucking Pay My Bills?
08. MotocrossInstrumental
09. The Lost Arks of Rock and Roll (Believe in Yourself)