A few weeks ago I got this debut album from Russian symphonic metal band “Last Performance” The band was founded in 2008 and their style is a perfect mixture of skilled guitar playing combined with lots of atmospheric keyboard sound and fronted with one of the best female vocals I’ve heard in years !! All songs have been arranged with symphonic orchestration by Kate Sergeeva.

The album starts with the intro “Timeless” but as soon as “Collapse of Empire” begins it is immediatly very clear that this band means serious business.
A bombastic song with lot’s of powerfull parts and as I said in the beginning the amazing vocals of Nadejda Razdymalina !
“Under cover of darkness” , “End of pretence” , “Alone with the wind” all long epic compositions played to absolute perfection always changing pass from high speed to slow emotional singing.
Layers of perfectly arranged elements , I’m sitting on the edge of my chair so I wouldn’t miss a single note !
“Crossing times” with just the right amount of oriental touches in it finally slows down a little but I keep focused !
“Dreamcather” starting drums only but soon filled again with skillfull played arrangements.
“Awake” goes from bombastic keys to emotional singing filled with guitar riffs played fast and hard.
“The far side of the world” is the slowest song here , very emotional where Nadejda shows once again how amazing here voice is.
The last song is “Allegiance to fall”
I didn’ tell at the start but this album is conceptual with texts that reflects the essence of the world , the inner struggle of man and the consequences of choice.
This is an amazing piece of music ! The band worked on this for several years but in the end it’s simply perfect.  Even the production is at the top of what’s possible.
This band is from Russia remember ?  I know lot’s of European or American bands that are nothing compared to this !!  My deepest respect goes to Nadejda !!
I always concidered Tarja the top of singing in this style but hearing Nadejda I have serious doubts !  No I’m not joking !
Can someone please book this band and bring them to a stage or a festival here so they can show us how symphonic metal should sound !

European fans who would love to buy the album it’s better to send message on fb to the band !


Timeless (Intro)
Collapse of Empire
Under cover of Darkness
End of Pretense
Alone with the Wind
Crossing Times
Black Sun
The Far side of the World
Allegiance to Fall