The Spanish symphonic band “Last Days Of Eden” was with their debut album “Ride The World” at the end of 2016 support for German metal band “Mob Rules”.
During that tour I got to know them as a very promising band in the genre.
Now on March 23rd their second album “Chrysalis” will be released.
Guitarist Dani G. did the production for this record himselve and for the mastering they approached Mika Jussila (Nightwish , Stratovarius)

Immediatly at the start of the gigantic first song “Forevermore” I got the impression that this was a new album by Nightwish.
The keyboards and guitars revive the touch and vibes of Storytime. It is a very strong metal song where many orchestral elements are intertwined and Lady Ani swings the vocal scepter.
I was immediately blown away by this song !
“The Roots Of Life” is a slightly more epic song. In this mid-tempo song the beautiful vocal swoops emphasize a beautiful atmosphere. You can hear Dani G. as backing vocals.
That folky influences are never that far away we also hear in “The Wanderer”.
A quieter song where the nightingale of service fuses the keyboards, flute and ripping guitars. Omg….what a song !!!
Then a push upwards against the BMP meter because “Dead Man’s Tale” is a bit more intense. Again you hear the ease of the large vocal range that is achieved.
And since I already saw this band live at work, I know for sure that they can certainly do this also live.
After the quieter orchestral track “The Storyteller” it’s time for a ballad.
“Falling In The Deep”, which has a compelling melodramatic undertone, then quickly gains momentum and speed. It traverses the path between ballad and powerballad.
This song was released as a single.  You could already see a trailer on Valentine’s Day =>

“Aedea’s Daughter” is the perfect follow up song because it starts with a very fragile voice with minimal keyboard support.
However, after one minute this intimate atmosphere is punctured by a ripping guitar with a beating rhythm from Leo Duarte’s drum.
The track has it heights and lows, but despite the long duration of just under ten minutes, it remains fascinating till the end. The harmony with the choir to the end creates a nice resting point halfway the album. In addition to the more exciting numbers there’s also given attention to the quieter ones.
Just close your eyes to think that you are sitting at a celtic campfire on a sultry summer evening…..On the fairytale melodic tones of “A Siren’s Song” Dani G and Lady Ani tell their story.
A breathing pause that leaves you speachless !
Back to more metal again as we tear back onto the highway.
“Heading For The Sun” is a very catchy song that lets a nimble fingered string picker duel with the rest of the band. The combination of these rousing melodies with quiet songs creates an extra contrast on this disc.
“Romeo & Julian” starts very modest while you dream away in “the garden of Eden”. The very high vocals of Lady Ani let her shine again.
We end the album with the up-tempo song “7 Years Of Madness”, where one last time all plugs are pulled open.
Here too the aggressive guitars are huge and drummer Leo Duarte supports the song at full speed.
The song ,sometimes flirts with thrashy moments, but in the end knows how to finish so perfectly that we are left behind looking pale after that last powershot…..pale but satisfied !

It may not come as a surprise when you read all this that “Last Days of Eden” makes a huge step forwards with this new release.
Personally, I found the breaks to be a bit too frequent, but the more energetic tracks make things up for this.  They surpass the good feeling that I already had with this band.
Just think of exuberant songs like “Forevermore”, “The Wanderer” or “Heading For The Sun” and you sure will understand what I mean.
How often I spontaneously got a smile on my face while listening to this album is countless.
Hopefully the band will also be seen live in our region this year. And then you can be sure that I for one will be ther front row !
After delivering 2 such amazing albums the band simply has to gain more recognition. I ‘m more than convinced by them, now it’s up to the rest of the world.


01. Forevermore,
02. The Roots Of Life
03. The Wanderer
04. Dead Man’s Tale
05. The Storyteller
06. Falling In The Deep
07. Aedea’s Daughter
08. A Siren’s Song
09. Heading For The Sun
10. Romeo & Julian
11. 7 Years Of Madness

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Review by Andy G. Maelstaf.