Being a true Kamelot fan myself , where do I even begin with this one !
2 years after the majestic “Haven” album in 2015 Kamelot is back with their new epic masterpiece “The Shadow Theory” !
Kamelot spent the past year engineering this groundbreaking album leaning on three pillars:
The Shadow Empire (The global mind), The Shadow Key (The Resistance) and The Shadow Wall (The veil that blinds us from the truth).
A dystopian glimpse at the complexity of the human mind and its place in an oppressive society – an obvious parallel to all of us, in the here and now.
This is the bands 12th album – the 3rd with Tommy Karevik who replaced Khan in 2011 and also the 1st with new drummer Johan Nunez (Firewind)
Back in 2015 when Haven was released I was thinking about how the band would top this one ?
Well……the following words explain to you how they did this  !!!!

Tha album opens with “The mission” , an nice instrumental track that prepares the listener for what’s yet to come.
“Phantom devine” (Shadow empire) is Kamelot as we know them , a fast track that features Lauren Hart (Once Human) on guest vocals !
Her very strong death metal growls are just perfect for this track !
Also “Ravenlight” is still in the more traditional sounding Kamelot.
But then “Amnesiac” grabs me by the balls with the new industrial touches nicely combined with their orriginal theatrical sound !  An amazing track , this is what I was waiting for !
With this the band even reïnvents themself as musicians !  More like this please !
“Burns to embrace” is about ignorent behaviour of men , how most people always seem to look away !!
The ballad “In twilight hours” with guest vocals by Jennifer Haben (Beyond the black) who’s operatic metal voice is a perfect match with Tommy’s more powerful voice !
“Kevlar skin” is an amazing track about the discovering of one’s trueself , while “Static” is a track about the match of people in some sort of perfectly chaotic way !
“Mindfall remedy” is the most dramatic track on the album with again a strong vocal performance by Lauren Hart.
On “Stories unheard” Tommy truly shines as the voice of…….. His vocal range is amazing , he has total control on what and how he sings !!
“Vespertine” (My crimson bride) is a more melodic but simply stunning track !
Save the best for last as they say , “The proud and the broken” is a stunning theatrical track with 3 amazing guitar solo’s in it !!  I just love this one !!
The album closes finaly with another instrumental track “Ministrium” (Shadow key) , with a choir and orchestra with brass instruments ! The perfect closure of the album !

So what’s my final verdict here ?
With this new album Kamelot proves once again that they are on top of this genre !  I would even dare to say more and that is that no other band sounds like Kamelot does !
Their sound and songs are so unique that it’s almost impossible to copy ! Even now with the new industrial influences Kamelot still sounds as Kamelot should sound !!
This is a sure buy for all fans of the band or the symphonic metal style in it’s total !
I can’t wait to see the band live again later this year and hear the new tracks played live !!  Infact I am truly blessed this year as I will see the band not 1 , not 2 or 3 but 4 times in a row !
Did I already mention at the beginning here that I am a big fan of the band ?!!  😉

For those who still doubt my truthfull words , you can watch the amazing video track for “Phantom Divine” (Shadow Empire) ft. Lauren Hart here !


10 The Mission
02 Phantom Divine (Shadow Empire)
03 RavenLight
04 Amnesiac
05 Burns To Embrace
06 In Twilight Hours
07 Kevlar Skin
08 Static
09 MindFall Remedy
10 Stories Unheard
11 Vespertine (My Crimson Bride)
12 The Proud and The Broken
13 Ministrium (Shadow Key)

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