Jeff Scott Soto – What was

“In celebration of Steve Perry’s return to the music world with his new album “Traces”,
my longtime friends at Frontiers came to me with the idea of throwing out a cover of one of SP’s tunes as a ‘welcome back’ of sorts.
As this idea came about a week before I was scheduled to embark on the current Sons Of Apollo tour, I had little time to put this together,
so I called on my VERY busy friend Alessandro Del Vecchio and asked if he could help me put something together.
He enthusiastically squeezed me in and quickly knocked out the music to a song he had suggested called ‘What Was’.
This song was only available on the ‘Greatest Hits + Five Unreleased’ album.

And so here it is, a thank you, welcome back and celebration for Mr. Perry’s return…I owe so much to this man and the influence he gave me as a singer,
I only hope I did this song justice for you all to enjoy!”

Jeff Scott Soto, September 2018