Singer Jari Tiura is a busy bee as they say and has been a singer in various bands for several years.
Today he is active in “Century Lost” and “Stargazery” with which he already released several albums.
A few years ago he contacted producer Sami Ala-lahti and they started writing music for his own solo album. Sami not only took care of the production,
he also plays rhythm guitar and takes care of the backing vocals. Yrjö Ella is the man on lead guitar and Jaan Wessman took care of both the bass and drum parts.
For keyboards Jussi Kulomaa, Jani Kemppinen and Mikko Kangasjärvi helped. Jari Tiura is not only the singer but also the executive producer.
The album was mixed by Antto Tuomainen and mastered by Esa Orjatsalo.

Jari immediately shows his singing skills in the bombastic “Away From All The Magic And Wonder”. Guitars are clear but not dominating. The input of keyboards polishes the sound.
“London” is a mid-tempo rock song with a great guitar solo. From this catchy song, which is clearly written on the vocal abilities of a singer, a lyric video has been released.
We speed up the rhythm a bit for “Friends And Foes” and before we even realize it we end up at “Human”. This is a special song, where the guitars send the melody through long riffs.
Where the stirring rhythm is indicated by bass and drum, the keyboards play the special accents that are needed. The solo gives this song a little push in the right direction.
We slow down again with the ballad “Lion Of Judah”, a song that is made by only Jari’s voice and a piano. Later on this is supported by bass, drums and a remarkable guitar solo.
The midtempo song “Dreamchaser” was also released as a lyric video. The song has a quiet start and therefore fits seamlessly with the previous ballad.
The song goes crescendo and turns out to be the best song on the album.
“Silent Moon” has a strong intro through a guitar solo and the combination bass / drum again indicates the rhythm.
In “Take On The World” the vocals and backing vocals are in the spotlight. The thumping drum beat makes this mid-tempo song sound mysterious and heavier.
“Blue Sky Lightning” starts with a gigantic swipe and schredding guitar solo. We get a solid chunk of rock with catchy riffs and keyboards that are a pleasure for my ears.

At first listen I had some trouble with the timbre of the vocals but after a while I got used to it because you can’t deny that the man can sing.
Only nine songs and less than forty minutes of playing time are on the short side, but better than filling up an hour needlessly.
“King Of Lions” will be released march 23rd and will sure find a place somewhere between AOR and melodic hard rock somewhere.
As far as I am concerned, this is a great debut album !

Here’s one of those amazing tracks “Dreamchaser” !


01. Away From All The Magic And Wonder
02. London
03. Friends And Foes
04. Human
05. Lion Of Judah
06. Dreamchaser
07. Silent Moon
08. Take On The World
09. Blue Sky Lightning

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Review by Andy G. Maelstaf !