For starters, this is already the bands second selfreleased album after “All that Starts” from 2014.
Describing their musical style is not that easy, as they combine several features going from proggressive metal to thrash, and even modern groove metal.

Ritchie Krenmaier, once vocalist for Stigmata IV, throws in his vocal skills to the fullest.
Where he used the more clean voice with Stigmata IV, he subjects his vocal chords to grunts and screams, which blend in perfectly with their music.
Each song is a great example of awesome musicianship, and tells its own story.
Great drums and bass to underline that progressive touch to the tracks and great guitars that make this album a must hear.
If you’re not convinced after a first spin, do play that record a second time, as it’s a grower !

The album begins with intro “March of the Flies”, a threatening instrumental, seamlessly flowing into “Watching Atrocities” their new single.
The good thing about the album is the alternation of the songs. The groove in “Falling to Pieces” , the guitar solos in “Delusion” , really top tracks.
“Hate of a new kind”, to blow out some steam … pure agression !
And to finish off this record, an atmospheric epic prog gem “Hopeless Endeavour” with a duration of 11 minutes.

This album is a must have for prog metal fans who don’t fear some more agressive touches. Any label should check them out and give these guys more credit.

You can watch the video for the track “Watching Atrocities” here !


01. March Of The Flies
02. Watching Atrocities
03. The Absence Of Me
04. Self
05. Falling To Pieces
06. Distance
07. Neglacting The Path Of The Sun
08. Delusion
09. Hate Of A New Kind
10. Hopeless Endeavour

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Review done by Pascal Maudoux !