Gabriels – Fist of the seven stars act 2 (Hokuto brothers)
Release date: 31-08-2018
Label: Rockshots records

Italy’s keyboard virtuoso “Gabriels” signs to Rockshots records for the release of the brand new rock opera:
“Fist of the seven stars act 2 – Hokuto brothers”
Gabriels is a quite known keyboard player and musician based out of Italy, also active as arranger and session-man,
who worked with some renowned musicians such as singer Fabio Lione, Mark Boals and the keyboard player Mistheria among the others.

This Rock opera is dedicated and freely adapted from to the manga and anime “Hokuto no Ken” by Tetsuo Hara and Buronson.
In Act 1 we will see the first part of the story the girlfriend of the protagonist  is kidnapped by his enemy and rival in martial arts,
and forms part of a different school … leaving him dying back after a long time to get revenge and take back what is his…but she is dead….?!?!?
And now in this Second Act the story continues with many new entry like Rey, Mamyia, Ailee, Toky and others to tell the story of the descendants among the hokuto brothers … for the succession was chosen ken but his brothers how would they take this thing ?
A story that has become legend in Japan and in the world…
You can watch a lyric video for the track “End of Cobra” here !


01 – The search of water bird
02 – Cobra clan
03 – End of Cobra
04 – I see again
05 – Scream my name
06 – Miracle land
07 – I’m a genius
08 – Looking for your brother
09 – Myth of Cassandra
10 – Reunion
11 – Legend of fear
12 – King of fist
13 – Heart of Madness (Bonus Track)

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