LionSoul – Welcome storm (2017)
Release: 23-06-2017
Label: Limb Music GmbH

LionSoul were born in 2009 by an idea of the guitarist Aurelio Parise after the dissolution of his first musical project.
Their sound is built on european style power metal with some classical heavy and hard rock influences.
In 2011 the newly formed band starts to rehearse some songs written in the two previous years but it is only in late 2012 that the line-up is completed.
After the first live appearances and an intense period of composition LionSoul start to record the songs included in their first album “Omega” released in december 2013,
a twelve tracks full length based on the Greek history and mythology, getting very good reviews from the national and international press.
On April 2016 “The Lions” entered the studio to record the successor of Omega under the production of the Italian melodic metal master Alessandro del Vecchio.
The band also resumes live activities with various shows among which one at Live Music Club in Milan, theater of the biggest metal events in Italy, in January 2017.
They recently signed a contract with the German label Limb Music for the release of their second full lenght titled “Welcome Storm” on june the 23th.

Watch the video for “Next genesis” here !


1. Beyond Dusk
2. The Principal Warrior
3. Next Genesis
4. Gatling Sight
5. Bright as Light
6. Iron Whispers (feat. Alessandro Del Vecchio on vocals)
7. The Thunder Master
8. A Common Forever
9. Welcome Storm (Eternal Quest)
10. Lion’s Throne

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