Afterlife Symphony – Lympha
Release: 30-03-2018
Label: Revalve records

The band was initially formed by Eddy Talpo, Stefano Tiso and Nicolas Menarbin in 2009 and acts as a cover band.
Over time we added two more members to the band, Antonio Gobbato and Anna Giusto, and the project “Afterlife” definitely takes life in September 2010.
In November 2010 the band recorded a demo. In September 2013 the band released their album “Symphony of Silence” through Revalve Records.
Right from the start new material is composed and starts the path that will become a concept album called “Moment Between Lives”,
a journey between the emotions and the continuous choices that afflict and liberate the human being, all while the name of the band changed in “Afterlife Symphony”.

After several tours of support to bands such as Delain, Serenity, Cellar Darling, Temperance and Overtures, both on the Italian and foreign soil,
begins the composition of the third album “Lympha ” that is out now on Revalve Records.
This is a new experience that sees as Co-producer the same Marco Pastoro (Temperance) during the writing of the songs.
The sound becomes more pronounced, sometimes more melodic while others much darker,
interwoven with spiritual themes and anthroposophic considerations that always accompany the path of growth and evolution of this band.

You can watch a video for the track “Artemisia” here !


01 – Artemisia
02 – Oroboro
03 – Mantra
04 – Do
05 – Cremisi
06 – Era
07 – Creation
08 – Nebula
09 – Obscura
10 – XXI
11 – Enemy
12 – Lympha

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