Stray Bullets – Shut up
Release: 26-01-2018
Label: Sneakout records

Italian sleaze rockers Stray Bullets will release their full-length debut “Shut Up” on January 26th via Sneakout Records / Burning Minds Music Group.
The eleven-track Cd was recorded at Atomic Stuff Studio in Isorella (Brescia, Italy) and crafted by producer Oscar Burato (Airbound, Animae Silentes, Poisonheart).

Stray Bullets are rock sounds from the Ottomans, but full of influences, a little blues, funky, punk, but above all they reflect themselves.
They aim only at the heart, the virtuosity they leave to others. As a great “We deal with Emotions” said.
The group was born in 2006, then over time some line up changes and an exhausting search to find the singer, but at the end here they are.
Ale – Male – Duff – Nadia – Jky.  Respectively: Voice, Guitar, Bass, Guitar and Drums.
In the last year the guys worked like crazy to make their first album. Nights and days in the rehearsal room to massacre their ears on their own songs !!
The album was made entirely by the band starting from the recordings, to the copretines, the prints and all that is in there.
To this date the band is collaborating with a production agency that will take care of the promotion for radio and web.

Time passed from the last point made to this bio … then people who started the trip together with the band decided to get off the carousel,
so the good jky, is no longer among them from more than two years now and so far there were two friends who tried to replace the spot.
Later two other people decided to get off the ship , our friends Nadia and Joy, who left Stray Bullets to indulge in other adventures.
Despite this goodbye, the songs remain solid as well as their goals !!


01. Lost Soul Town
02. Get On You
03. Hurts
04. Candy
05. One Way Emotion
06. Put Up Or Shut Up
07. Sexpot
08. Be Your Man
09. Rain
10. Blackout
11. Crash

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