Paolo Morbini Project
Release: november 2017
Label: Point Music – Rubicon records – Valery records – King records – Retroscena srl.

Paolo Morbini Project is an Italian melodic rock band composed of Paolo Morbini (drums, keyboards), Guido Priori (vocals), Marco Andreasi (guitars),
Diego Belluschi (guitars),Alessandro Sperti (Keyboards) Mimmo Corbo (Bass).
Originally forming in 1993 as Paolo Morbini Group the band has gone through several phases.

Its strongest commercial success occurred in 2007 when Paolo Morbini and Guido Priori came together in Milan where they start the band Myland
releasing the album No Man’s land (Valery Records) with the contribution of Marco Andreasi , Tommy Denander and Europe ‘s Kee Marcello.
The response by press and melodic rock fans  was amazing and  unexpected which gave the group the opportunity to release the japanese version of NML including
the  bonus track “When the love is gone” duet on vocals by late Toto’s Fergie Frederiksen and Guido Priori.
Myland became soon one of the most known Italian AOR band in the world. After many line up changing from 2010  to 2014 Myland split in 2016.

In 2017 Paolo Morbini and Guido Priori brought back together to release “2017” under the monicker “Paolo Morbini  Project”.
The strong influence by Journey and Toto’s style.

You can watch the video for “She’ll never be the one” here !

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