Before their show in Vosselaar (15-02-2018) at the Symphonic metal night I got the chance to interview Siegfried Samer from V.O.A about the tour and the new album !

Hi Siegfried , how’s the tour going so far ?

Very good thank you !  It’s our 6th show so far and we had great crowds everywhere that varied between 50 and up to 300 visitors !

Personaly I do like the smaller crowds/shows more !

Well yes it doesn’t always have to be those big shows although they are sure great fun to to !!  At the smaller gigs we do have some more time to have a chat with the fans !
Like here tonight with the special concept evening around the symphonic metal scene.  This is great for the fans who come to see us.
And tonight also with 3 bands on the same label (Napalm records) except opener Secret Rule , makes it even more special.

There were lot’s of changes in the last years for V.O.A. ?  For excample you are also one of the “new guys” ?

Haha , yes I geuss you might say that !  I’m with the band since 2013 now , so this is also the first album with me on it as 2nd vocals !  The new album will officialy be released tomorrow (16-02)
but ofcaurse we do have it with us here tonight !  And so far we also have 1 video out I think !?
The band has an almost complete new line up now with Clementine & me on vocals , a new guitar player (Christian Douscha) and bass guitar player (Herbert Glos).
So the only orriginal remaining member is our drummer (Thomas Caser)

The new album then , is this a concept album or ?

No it’s not , it’s a single/song focussed album.  Songs about different themes like personal relation ships (Deep in the dark) to songs about more mistical themes (Ritual night)
or even social criticism or contemporary stuff (Words of war)

Who writes the songs now ?

The music was mostly written by our producer now !  Normally it was planned for some of the old members to come back (keyboards & guitars) to write the new songs
but since it’s almost about 10 years or so now since they’ve been in a band and with their personal lifes changing a lot over those past years (jobs and families) they didn’t have enough time to write/compose new songs and so we turned to our producer for that job !!  Clementine & me (mostly Clementine in fact) then wrote the lyrics , and at the end we all arranged them together !
Since Clementine wrote most of the lyrics they are almost like her ‘baby’s’ because this was the first time that she could express herself and her feelings to the fullest !

So far I only heard the video track of the new album and strangely enough V.O.A. still sounds familiar as in the old days ?

Yes , well that’s due to the fact that our producer wrote all the songs as I said and he knows the symphonic metal scene and the band very well.  In the past he also worked with Edenbridge for many years and was also on tour with them.  He knew exactly how the old V.O.A. sounded like !

I for one feared for that in the beginning with the new line up , that the the sound would change , but you guys prove the difference !?

Yes , I think the last release was getting further away from that orriginal sound than this new one we have now so yes I think we’re going in the right direction again !!
The feedback from the fans so far is very good.  I read a lot of fine reviews lately online or in magazines , so future is looking bright !!

I’m also more than pleased with this new album that proves that V.O.A. is finally back !!  I’m realy looking forward seeing you perform later this evening !

Thanks a lot man.  I’m sure it’s going to be lots of fun and pre sales were also good !

Thanks a lot Siegfried for this (maybe bit short) interview !

And thank you for doing this !  😉

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Thanks to Mike from Hardlife promotions for making this possible !