Before their show in Vosselaar at the symphonic metal night in Vosselaar I got the chance to interview Sleeping Romance about the tour and the new album !

Hi guys , how’s the tour going so far ?

Good thank you , It’s our 6th show so far I think.  During these we had some realy amzing shows.  1st one was in Komma Wörgl (Austria) , then we had Kammgarn Kaiserslautern (Germany) ,
Hall Of Fame (Switserland) , Nachtleben Frankfurt (Germany) , The Underworld Camden (London UK) and now here at Biebob club (Belgium)

How did the band get into this tour ?

Well , this is because of our new album that was released by Napalm records and so the label asked us (in april/may I think) to go on tour with the other bands !
This was just before the new album was released.

 The symphonic metal style is quit new for me but you guys are also one of the new bands on the front ?!

Yes , we love this style of music , symphonic metal in all it’s ways.  We use lots of orchestration in our music.  For the new album (Alba) we actualy recorded with a real Orchestra and choir !
We use a lot of heavy guitar sounds and drums of caurse.  But thanks to the use of the real orchestra I might say we are slightly different than many other bands in the same style.
Also Frederica sings not with that typical operatic voice !

Are you classicly schooled Frederica ?

Yes , I studied both modern and classic opera singing and now try to combine those two in a way that I feel more comfortable with !

The difference between the 2 albums is huge I might say ?

You see , the music for the first album was written during a lot of years.  I wrote the first songs around 2011 I think and the album was completed in 2013 so that explains this a bit !
The old songs are more different than the new ones , the new songs are more metal , heavier and each song is also connected to the other (concept album).

You guys all know each other even before the start of Sleeping Romance in 2013 ?

Yes , we played in different bands in the past (Hybrid Resolution,Fogalord,Synthphonia Suprema…) but now our focus is all about Sleeping Romance.
We did change our 2nd guitar player between 1st and 2nd album but he also was no stranger to us !

How do you as a band write new songs ?

Well it’s mostly me (Frederico Truzzi) who comes up with a concept or story and proposes this to the rest of the band.
I write most of the music (also drums and all other instruments) , I write all the basic lines but the drummer or bass player can of caurse propose to play things otherwise or so.
Later then , together with Fredrica we write all the lyrics !

Frederica:  We put Frederico in this position to now the band and it’s possibilities.  He knows what each of us can or cannot do.

How do you guys as a new band see the symphonic metal scene ?  Do you think it’s evolving ?

Frederico:  I think metal music is a strange thing , but it simply is our style of music.  I don’t realy know exactly what kind of people listen to this style or so.
I notice our fanbase is between 25 and 45 , so I dare to say this music is the language of the younger fans !
Frederica:  We found this style is the bands comfort zone to do , also we are a bit affraid to break with past traditions in this style !  😉

Thanks for this interview with me , I realy look forward seeing the band perform this evening.  Any last words for the fans ?

Well for one we are realy glad for this interview , this is actualy our 2nd interview ever for the band and hopefully there are more to come because this is a good thing for us.
And thanks to all the fans for believing in us and coming here tonight !

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Thanks to Mike from Hardlife promotions for making this interview possible !