Before their show in Vosselaar as headliner of the symphonic metal night in Vosselaar I had the chance to have a talk with Christian about the tour and the new album !

Hi Christian , how ‘s the tour going so far ?

Great , thank you !  We had a great start in our home country Austria and we now just came back from London.  Fucking crazy crowd there , unbelievable.
So now the Benelux shows with Belgium as first one.

This evening/tour is kind of a special one ?

Yes , sure it is !  Touring with other great bands like V.O.A for one , we’ve been touring now for almost 8 years or so….;-)
You know I was also a part of V.O.A in the past and for me this were my first ‘baby’ steps in the symphonic metal circus !  We are both Austrian bands also and all this together with the new album
that was released in october 2017 makes it indeed special !  😉

This symphonic night is also part of the whole “Lionheart” tour then ?

Yes , we started out as support for Delain in october (Progpower USA) but now we are the headliner band so it’s even more our show , our set….and with more songs from the new album !

How is the feedback to the new songs from the fans ?

We did this in Germany for the first time because the new album is there in the top 3 of best selling metal albums !
Everywhere I hear people say that this is the best album the band ever made so I guess that’s positive then !!  😉

My thoughts exactly !!  Who writes / composes new songs ?

Well usually it’s Georg and me and our producer !  I think I did about 8 songs , the rest is done by the other 2 !  Oh , and Fabio also did one !
But the main writers as I said are Georg and me.

Is this the same for the topics , the historical themes or such ?

No , that’s actually Georg’s thing !  He is the teacher , the professor , it’s his job !  He’s always suggesting new topics and then we try to find the ones that are the best for the band !
Like on the previous album where the story is all about Leonardo Da Vinci , so now this new album is all about king Richard I from England (1157 – 1199)

That’s one of the main things I like so much about Serenity. The songs actually tell you something !

Yes , you’re right.  That’s what we also like in the band , but we leave the stories more open for the fans so it doesn’t get to complicated.
We try to combine it with the more today’s topics.

This time Tasha is not with the band for the tour ?

Sadly no , we asked her but she already had other things planned in her agenda so we asked Melissa (Evenmore , Rage of light) if she could join us !
She already performed with us sometimes like on the 7000 tons cruise !  She’s an amazing person and she has a great voice so a perfect match for us.

When I see you guys perform live you always seem to have lot’s of fun and make even jokes to one another. Are you guys always like that ?

Haha….well let’s say it’s  not just a show !  I think if you want to perform something trueit would not be possible if we should ‘hate’ each other or so !
If you are together on such long tours like we do we have to keep it a bit ‘fun’ ! Of caurse it’s not every day big fun ,
we respect each others private time and so but in general we are just the way you see us !
Even if we perform for 30 or 300 fans it still is 100% Serenity !  Even those 30 fans buy our music and paid to see us so why should we do it any different than for the bigger crowds.
And the line up we have now is for us the perfect match !

On a more personal level , when I see you as a guitar player perform live it all seems so naturally like ‘all in a days work’ for you !?

I think every musician has his own way of performing but in the end it’s all about practising and rehearsing a lot !  I found my love for the guitar when I was 14/15 ,
but even after all those years even I have to keep on practising.  I actualy started out playing piano , keyboards and stuff when I was younger , I switched to the guitar on that later age.

I myself find your style / technique so unique so versatile.  Your one of my top guitar players !!

Thanks , that’s nice to hear !  It’s not that I’m doing things on purpose or so , I just play like that I guess !

Yes that’s what I like so much , this shows that you are a great musician !

Thanks man , you see like on the new album I did some realy tricky solo things , but when I’m on stage I do what feels naturally that night for me.
I’m not the kind of person who just stands there like some kind of statue and do my thing !  That makes it also much more interesting for the fans !

Serenity plays symphonic metal but I know that you personal like the more heavy stuff also , or am I wrong ?

Haha….yeah you’re absolute right !  Usually thats for me when I’m riding my bike !!  I’m more for the things like Trivium or Killswitch Engage ,
but my real roots lay in the styles like Yngwie Malmsteen and other greats from that aera !  In my private life I’m less symphonic metal minded than with Serenity !  😉
But I think that’s a good thing , like for songwriting  and such.  When I should only listen to all other symphonic bands than the danger is that it all becomes some sort of copy paste !
Infact I realy don’t what other bands do or don’t , but keep focus on my things for Serenity !  Of caurse when touring with other bands I go see what they play and how they perform , but not only focusing on the guitar player.

Ok thanks , I for one am realy looking forward seeing you and the band perform live this evening.  I have no doubts it’s going to be awesome !

Haha….we do our best 😉
Make sure you also watch our new stage setting with the new Lionheart flags and more !  I hope you enjoy the show !

Thank you so much Christian for doing this interview with me ! Greets to the rest of the band !

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Thanks to Mike from Hardlife promotions for making this interview possible.