It took a while because of his busy shedule but here’s my interview with Mauro Cordeiro from LeatherJacks ! 

01 – Hi Mauro , could you first introduce you ? Who you are , where you live…… because not many people know you around here I guess !!

Hi Gino ! First of all, I´d like to say it´s an honor to participate this interview, mainly because you´re a great friend of mind,
and despite we´re overseas in therms of distance, it seems we´re always close !

Thank you so much for the nice words my friend !!

I´m Mauro Cordeiro, 31 years old, lead singer, guitarist, writer and founder at LeatherJacks. We´re a Modern hard rock / Heavy metal band from São Paulo city,
in São Paulo State, Brazil. And we came to Rock the world out !

02 – This year you released you debut cd ! Can you give the readers some info about LeatherJacks? And why the idea to to everything alone ?

Yeah ! Well the band started with me in 2015, after a long break I took in Music from 2010 to 2015. But all of a sudden, my songwritter insticts were all there again,
and then I wrote “Burning Wire”. I told myself: “Well, I gotta record it !” – I thought about going to professional studios to make it, etc….
But because I didn´t have a band at that time, I decided to make it by myself. All voices, instruments, mixing, etc. So it all was shaping little by little.
Then another songs came out, and then an entire album came out.
I mean… My decision about making it all alone at that moment in particular… Was because I was out of Music for many years,
and I also broke many good music contacts to reach out, you know ? So would be harder for me to find musicians at that time, than to record all by myself as I did.
So that´s why I did it, and it´s very emotional to see a project take the form, the shape, the dimensions it´s taking. By the way I Thank all LeatherJacks fans and followers !

03 – How are the reactions on the album so far ?

It´s being great! It´s more than I ever expected ! I mean… Of course that I got great expectations as it was taking more and more serious during recordings and stuff,
but… In 6 or 7 months since the Album release (April 18th 2017), many many many many cool things are happening. At least online, I mean.
We´re playing at little gigs, as every beginning band does. But it doesn´t matter, ´cause we really love what we do,
and we play the same way for 2 people or 2 million people, you know ? But we´re really really happy with the album media and repercussion !

04 – I discovered the band by searching the internet ! How are things going oversea ? Many interests from Belgium , UK , Netherlands……..?

We have more interests at UK, Belgium and South America countries than in Brazil.
Brazilians unfortunately doesn´t have a huge Rock / Metal culture. And the fans who like Rock and Metal, like Sabbath, Whitesnake, Dio, I mean…
They never listen to New Stuff…. Unfortunately. But we´re trying to change this bad reality.
Our dream is to play and tour… In Europe, UK, Japan, etc. But we found hard to reach investors, managers, people who help us professionaly, finantially, you know ?
Buuuut… Let´s have faith in God and try our best, ´cause we really believe we are capable !

05. I found the album very well composed , with an overall 80’s style like Dokken , Whitesnake and others ! Is this your prefered style ? Do you play or like other styles ?

Thank you so much for the cumplements, Gino ! Yeah… Those are our favorite genres. But I personally love Jazz, Bossa Nova, MPB, Samba, Soul, Funky… Pop… Reggae, Ska…
I really listen to everything that I find good to listen !

06. It’s only digital release for know ! Are you planning to release physical cd also ?

Yeah we are! But it´s expensive for us to press physical Cd´s by ourselves. We really urge to search for record companies who really believe our work and our music.

07. By now LeatherJacks is a full band how did you find the other guys ? How are the live gigs going ? Would you like to play in Europe and other countries ?

I´ve found the other guys with friends that helped me to find musicians… Contats who have contacts, etc. Thank God I really found them quickly !
Dan was a friend of a friend of mine. He plays an amazing Drum. He´s a virtuoso. And Arthur is a childhood friend of mine, who always loved to play bass, but never found serious musicians…
Up to now, when he found LeatherJacks , hahaha !
We would LOVE to play in Europe and other countries ! It will be a pleasure to ! We´re playing live gigs, little ones, but it´s being amazing !
But for touring, we really need some money investiments from managers, agents, etc….

08. How do you see the Future of LeatherJacks ? Are you already dreaming of a second cd ?

Yeaaaah ! We are, Gino ! We see a crystal clear and great future for LeatherJacks, and now I can count on two amazing musicians to help me writing the songs.
For now we´re a power trio, and we´re searching for an amazing guitarist who loves hard rock.
About new materials… Yeah ! We´re working on a new upcoming single. I think we´ll release it at December 2017. It´s secret for now haha !
But for sure we´re already thinking about our second CD, and we hope we can release it in 2018. But still no dates for it.

09. Besides Leather Jacks , do you have other projects ?

Yeah… I do ! I have a project with a great friend of mine, Leonardo Dutra. It´s in Portuguese, and it´s called “Codinome 87”.
Besides that I´m also a musical producer and 3D and 2D Character Animator. And I love to read and to research about everything !

10. You designed logo for my website ! Is this something you do more for others to ?

Yeah ! I love to work with WebDesign, and as I previously said, I love to research and learn new stuff (mainly the hard ones – I love challenges).
So guys… Serious: If you need me for animations, webdesign, music production, song writting, count on me, please, for sure !

11. Do you have anything else you want to tell the readers here ?

Follow Gino on Rock Files, otherwise we will punch your faces ! Kidding hahaha !

Me and the boys, we wanna thank you all, and tell you that soon soon we´re gonna be in Europe, and many countries.
But pleeeeease ! Listen to NEW STUFF ! Share, spread, don´t be lazy, guys ! Bands really have lots of work to finish up their albums, gigs, rehearsals and stuff !
So please… Share and spread, ´cause we do all we do for you !

And Gino, I thank you so much for everything, always ! I loved to participate this interview, and hope we can have many other ones !
This is just the first of many many others upcoming for us ! And let´s have a Beer in Belgium, huh ! Mark my words ! LeatherJacks is comin´ for you all !

Mauro, Dan and Arthur.

Well I for one am ready for you guys….and the beers are already chillin’ in the fridge !!!!!  Thank you for this interview Mauro !