Tragul – “Before I say goodbye”

“Tragul” is a melodic metal project created at the end of 2016 by Adrian Benegas, a keyboardist and composer from Paraguay.
It features the contribution of Zuberoa Aznarez (Vocals), Steve Conley (Guitars), Diego BogarĂ­n (Guitars) Oliver Holzwarth (Bass), and Sander Zoer (Drums).
The word “Tragul” came from a hidden place far beyond the human dimension and it describes the union between the inner divine spirit and the human being through music.

This new single presents an undeniably renewed Tragul, which returns with an easily remembered melodic music,
with a rhythm halfway between the modern sound and the traditional power metal that leads to a fresh and melodic metal at its best.

With catchy vocal melodies, smooth strings arrangements and a powerful metal background,
this new song will provide a pleasant sensation that will transport the listener to the deep longing of spiritual transcendence.

You can watch the new video here !


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