About 2 weeks ago I got this debut album from Rockshots music.

Now to be completely honnest, me and progressive metal have a sort of love hate relation.
Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I don’t like prog metal but it’s no easy music so for me it’s either very good or very bad.
Sure I like Dream Theater , Ayreon to name just the 2 greatest for me ! Well let me say immediatly that from now on I can add Hidden Lapse to that list !
It took a few spins but I can assure you this debut is simply awesome !!

Hidden Lapse is a metal band hailing from Italy, deeply influenced by the progressive metal scene as well as the modern and alternative metal.

The album has all the elements that good prog must have but these 3 young musicians add a dose of their own unique sound.
The most suprising and unique thing is that here you get female vocals !!! Beautifully sung by Alessia Marchigiani !

“Redemption” is both a fictionary and everyday tale about a nameless young woman facing tough choices and consequences, through a long inner journey !!
It’s a metaphor, something happens, but you don’t get to know if it is real, an intimate journey or just a bizzarre version of an everyday tale.
The story here is used to talk about drugs abuse, death sentence and genderal absence of empathy, a distant mirage, not for everyone to understand. A very dark story
The story told here is about a young girl and her son. I didn’t have the lyrics with this promo but thanks to Marco I got some liner notes !!

The young girl got into prostitution when she was young. She got in love with a guy from the street and gets pregnant.
He then dies devastated by drug abuse, but before leaving, he asks her to keep their baby anyway.
So she tries to get on the “right way” and start growing the newborn. It doesn’t take a long time for him to fall in the same abyss as his mother !
Suffering follows. Hate and love between them: she get’s beaten, hated. Drug blinds. Grim societies do it too.
When he’s a teen, he prepares a perfect crime for money, but She follows him and when police is coming, she gets the fault and let him flee.
She gets death sentenced, since in the end she gets the fault for any of her son’s crimes.
Near death, a few minutes before the execution, she thinks back and decides that she would never let her son see the light again if she had the chance to choose again.

The album starts with an instrumental “Prologue” , kinda futuristic mood accompanied by piano. The mood is set…..
“Silent Sacrifice”, is where we see her crime through the eyes of a detective and get a glimpse about her intentions and love, we go back through her suffering and considerations about the decaying world around her. Alessia ‘s voice is perfect and fits very good with the progressive sound.
Then again an instrumental “Interlude – The right to remain silent”. I’m listening with my eyes closed and my headphones and it’s like I’m actualy in the scene !
Marco and Allesia both sing parts of the story in “Drop” a song about the grim fate to those who fight alone !
A piano intro is the start of her “Lucid Nightmare” nicely followed by “Pure” where you can hear the intimate struggle between them !
– No one deserves a pain like this – she says in “Redemption” , an amazing song again with both Marco and Alessia and with a great guitar solo weaven in the song , my personal favorite on this album !
“Interlude – The last meal” is an instrumental piece that speakes for itself , it’s like I can almost see and feel what’s happening !
“Compassion” is about the lack of empathy (this was also the first single released by the band)
In “Awareness”, that is months after “Silent Sacrifice” — She’s walking to the “silver chair” and weak and powerless, she decides to accept the sentence, but to repudiate her own choices.
The album closes perfect with the “Epilogue – Mercy upon your soul”

For me this is for sure an amazing debut album , yes you heard it right !! (Remember me in the beginning about progressive metal)
I listened to the album many times before I could even start writing this review. This is such an amazing story that can actualy happen in the world we live in now !
Each time I listened I heard things that I missed before , or I immagined it in a different way.
Even after writing all this down I will keep on listening to this. I never thought I would say this but this is progressive metal as it should be , played and performed perfectly !
Alessia’s voice is amazing and as I said before fits very well with the music. I can easily recomend this album to all fans of progressive / alternative metal !
One of the highlights this year that will easily end up high in many lists ! A must buy if it’s up to me.


01. Prologue: Dead woman walking
02. Silent Sacrifice
03. Interlude: The right to remain silent
04. Drop
05. Lucid Nightmare
06. Pure
07. Redemption
08. Interlude: The last meal
09. Compassion
10. Awareness
11. Epilogue: Mercy upon your soul