Air Raid – Across the line
Release: 29-09-2017
Label: High Roller records

Air Raid is a Heavy Metal act from Gothenburg, Sweden. They were originally formed in 2009 by guitarists Andreas Johansson & Johan Karlsson.
After releasing the EP “Danger Ahead” & the Full-length album “Night Of The Axe” with former singer Michalis Rinakakis,
Air Raid appeared at the Keep It True-Festival in Germany, early 2013. This was followed by two smaller tours and festival gigs around Europe.

In the middle of all success, the personal differences between the band and Michalis had gotten too severe. As a result, Air Raid decided to part ways with him.
Shortly after they already brought in new vocalist Arthur W Andersson in July 2013 !
In late 2014 the new album “Point Of Impact” was released, followed by a 10-gig tour in Europe.
The band is now about to release their new album entitled “Across The Line” on september 29th via High roller records

You can watch the video for the song “Northern light” here !


1. Hold The Flame
2. Line Of Danger
3. Aiming For The Sky
4. Cold As Ice
5. Entering The Zone Zero
6. Hell And Back
7. Northern Light
8. Raid Or Die
9. Black Dawn

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