I discover new bands almost on a dayly base but mostly that are discoveries from foreign countries far away ! A man should almost forget that even very close there are great ‘new’ bands !
I present you here “Hardland” from the Netherlands , the band is making their debut into the classic rock scene with their self-titled album “Hardland”,
released in the second half of 2017 by the band !  Thanks to Aeilko (guitars) for sending me the album !!

All members are experienced musicians from the local scene having played on several bands before.
Hardland’s sound is based on the 70’s and 80’s , but with an updated production. The band makes modern day rockmusic and mixes it, in their own unique way.
What can you expect you ask me , well the music is guitar driven melodic hard rock with nice keyboard touches that gives the music just that little extra !
So not pure AOR music but rather a classic sounding melodic rock band !!

The album opens immediatly with 2 great tracks.
“Any Way That You Want It” is a very catchy track with very well placed backing vocals and nice keyboards.
“Hot Gypsy” is more of a bouncy rocker.
“Life’s A Bitch” is a nice track filled with lots of cool riffs.
“Until The Night Is Through” is more of a mid tempo song with that great 80’s vibe in it !
“Interstellar Traveller” is an amazing instrumental track where the band creates a very interesting tune with clever keyboards layerd over the fine guitar work.
This is some classy hard rock played here !!
“Depending On You” is also a rocker but with harder twin guitars and powerful vocals.
“The Only Answer” is a great ballad , the song was already written in the 80’s but never recorded until now.
“Under My Skin” is a very nice melodic track with a catchy melody.
“Say It !” is a bit of strange track played in a slow tempo. I wouldn’t call it a weack track but it’s my least favorite (sorry guys)
“Dream Into Nightmare” is a again a nice mixture of melody and power.

The production of this debut album is very good for an independent release. The album was mastered in the famous Abbey road studio !
The album was released with very little promotion (hey they slipped my attention didn’t they), a really good record that slipped under our radar in 2017 !
I can easily recomend this album to all classic melodic rock lovers !  Watch the video for the song “Hot gypsy” here !


01. Any Way That You Want It
02. Hot Gypsy
03. Life’s a Bitch
04. Until the Night Is Through
05. Interstellar Traveller
06. Depending on You
07. The Only Answer
08. Under My Skin
09. Say It!
10. Dream into Nightmare

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