Honeymoon Disease – Part human, mostly beast
Release: 27-10-2017
Label: The Sign records

Honeymoon Disease unleashes their new album “Part Human, Mostly Beast” the 27th of October on The Sign Records.
The Swedish rock quartet’s second album is filled with high voltage pulse, colorful sounds and lots of groovy soul.
Well acclaimed for their intense and high energetic stage performances the band have been one of the raising stars on the European rock stages,
something the band have brought into the studio and recording the album live.
Honeymoon Disease have worked with producer Ola Ersfjord (
Imperial State Electric, Primordial, Tribulation, Dead Lord) since the recording of their last album
“The Transcendence” (2015 – Napalm Records), something that led up to a recording session with better crafted songs, a more luxuries production and a lot of focus on the vocal arrangements.

In the beginning of 2017 the band got signed on The Sign Records. The 7” single “Electric Eel” came out in May and the band started the recordings of their second album.
Once again the band chose to collaborated with the producer Ola Ersfjord, who recorded the band in the studio Ganymeden in Linköping, Sweden.
“Part Human, Mostly Beast” is the title of the second album which will be unleashed on the 27th of October 2017 via The Sign Records.
A 12-track high voltage rock record spiced with powerful and groovy soul.

Watch the video for “Four stroke woman” here !


1 – Doin’ it Again
2 – Only Thing Alive
3 – Tail Twister
4 – Rymdvals
5 – Needle In Your Eye
6 – Fly Bird, Fly High
7 – Calling You
8 – Four Stroke Woman
9 – Night By Night
10 – It’s Alright
11 – Coal Burnin’
12 – Electric Eel

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