Lioncage – Turn back time
Release: 21-09-2018
Label: Pride & Joy music

“Turn back time” is the third chapter of the exciting story of the lion cage which started in 2015 with “Done At Last”
and continued successfully with “Second Strike” in 2017. Now “Turn back time” is ready to see the light of day on September 21st, 2018.

The lions are very proud and grateful to have made it this far. The new album reflects exactly what the band loves and what Lioncage stands for,
also in 2018: a diverse album with great tunes, many hooks, cool grooves and powerful guitars.
If you think that this album celebrates rock music more than anything else presented by Lioncage so far – you are right.
The lions roar louder and the guitar sounds are thicker.
Since 2017 the band has performed live on stage in great gigs together with FM, Dan Reed Network, Tyketto, Three Wishes and others.
This has had a sustainable influence on sound and song-writing, it has added new sides to the music and has given it more power without losing any melodiousness.

Once more the band was pleased to welcome outstanding guests to their cage who supported them passionately and professionally,
to name only a few among many others: Neil Murray (b), a.o. Whitesnake, Black Sabbath), Olaf Senkbeil (v, Dreamtide) and Joe Castellini (g)

For the first time some friends of the lions contributed to the song-writing.
“Comfort Me” was written together with Joe Castellini and “Turn Back Time” with Olaf Senkbeil.
Lioncage initially started as a trio but has meanwhile grown into a permanent group of five lions, every now and then enhanced by a guest.

You can watch the video for the track “Black water here !


01 – Heavens Gate
02 – Black Water
03 – Comfort Me
04 – Blind
05 – Turn Back Time
06 – Believe In Magic
07 – The Walls
08 – Dead Man Walk
09 – So Long Ago
10 – How Can U Say
11 – Let The Children dance
12 – How Does It Feel

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