Oblivion – Resilience
Release: 23-02-2018
Label: Rock of Angels records

“Öblivion” is a Heavy metal band made of experienced musicians. After leaving “Nightmare”, Jo (vocals) and David (drums) Amore decided to build a new project.
Markus Fortunato’s (bass) with his wild melodies.
Followed by Steff Rabilloud (ex Nightmare, Urgent) & Florian Lagoutte (ex Despairhate, ex Fenrir, Forsaken World) with their guitars complete the line up.

Now 2018 “Öblivion” will release their debut album “Resilience” + DVD on February 23rd via Rock of Angels Records.
The DVD contains the live performance of the band at the “Leym’Fest” (France) on September 2nd 2017.
The DVD features the full show (including 7 brand new Heavy metal hits & 3 Nightmare songs), a bonus section with interviews of each members and also a trailer section.

Due to its original and timeless compositions, the quintet is proud to raise the flag of melodic metal through solid, lyrical, powerful and excellent melodic songs, presenting twin-guitars, hooks, unrestrained, speedy pace, with symphonic, progressive elements and great lyrics.
On this first opus, the amazing voice of Jo Amore has never been so crystalline and raging, magnified by the most charming melodies, he has never sung before, with a lyricism as its top.

“Resilience” will blow the minds of lovers of Melodic Modern Power Metal. Öblivion is the mighty force of Power metal and bloody as hell.

Tracklist cd:

1. Spectral Warrior
2. Honor And Glory
3. In The Arms Of A queen
4. Bells From Babylon
5. Shine In My Galaxy
6. I Throught I Was A King
7. Evil Spell
8. Punished By The Crowd
9. Facing The Enemies
10. Race Is On
11. Dreamers Believers

Tracklist dvd:

1. Spectral Warrior
2. Evil Spell
3. In The Arms Of A Queen
4. Shine In My Galaxy
5. Eternal Winter
6. Cosmovision
7. I Thought I Was A King
8. Honor And Glory
9. Bells From Babylon
10. Lord Of The Sky
11. Dreamers, Believers

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