Adagio – Life 
Release: 27-07-2017
Label: Zeta Nemesis records

French melodic metallers Adagio will release their fifth full-length album, “Life” on july 2017. The disc will mark the band’s first release in seven years.

“The impetus behind the band’s dormancy spanning almost a decade was our commitment to doing justice to our material,” says guitarist Stéphan Forté.
To release the album in an incomplete or premature state would be a disservice to the music, the band, and most of all, to the fans.
With “Life”, Adagio pushes the experience past just music, plunging the listener into a powerful introspective experience.
Stéphan says: “Fear, joy, sorrow, love, pain, ecstasy… What if we could visit each of these emotions like exhibits in a museum ?
‘Life’ takes you on contemplative journey, exploring the complex yet beautiful contortions of the subconscious mind.”
Each track is like a portrait in a gallery giving the audience a glimpse into the minds of the band members.
“Life” will be released worldwide through Zeta Nemesis, funded through a highly successful crowdfunding campaign.

Watch the video for “The ladder” here !


01. Life
02. The ladder
03. I’ll possess you
04. Trippin away
05. Tora
06. Subrahmanya
07. The grand spirit voyage
08. Secluded within myself
09. Darkness machine

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