Freight Train is a young and rising band from Italy formed in 2015.
In the same year the band released the first videoclip: a cover version of Journey’s “Any Way You Want It” getting them noticed by AOR’s fans on Youtube and giving an unexpected exposure.

Freight Train’s debut album is called ”I” and offers a classic AOR sound revisited in a fresh and modern way, thanks to the massive use of choirs,
celestial keyboards, stunning guitars and bass works, solid drums and multi-versatile vocals.

The album immediatly kicks in with the super hit “You will not fall” and so immediately set’s the standard for the rest of the album.
An amazing song that any fan of uplifting AOR music will love, with a beautiful solo by Andrea and Ivan Mantovani’s voice reaching the higher notes !
“Into the fire” is a very good melodic rock song where Ivan shows how versatile his voice is , accompanied by great keyboards and amazing guitar playing !
“Another chance” is a bit in the same style of the previous song, great melodies and amazing keyboards. These guys have listened very good to their classics !
“Here I am” is a very intense song that starts with accoustic guitars, very well performed by the guys !
The remarkable “Somewhere, someday” is a beautiful semi ballad.
“The prelude” is a 2 minute instrumental part, played on acccoustic guitar. Very good played but for me not realy necessary.
“Reach for the stars” is luckily again an uptempo melodic rock song with souring guitars ! More songs like this guys, I like this !!!
The cover version of Journey’s “Any way you want it” is well played ! The band brings it very well but it’s still not Journey (sorry guys I’m a huge Journey fan).
The last song is an acoustic version of “You will not fall”.

So all in all , only six songs are true (+ two intro’s, a cover and an acoustic version), but with those 6 songs the band realy proves that they can write solid melodic rock songs !
The guitar playing by Andrea Cappelletti is cristal clear and simply amazing.
I recomend this album to all fans of solid melodic rock, who have with this album a very nice addition to their collection !
Italy proves again that not only Sweden can come up with great melodic bands !


1. The beginning (Intro)
2. You won’t fall
3. Into the fire
4. Another chance
5. Here I am
6. Somewhere, Someday
7. The Prelude (Instrumental)
8. Reach for the stars
9. Any Way You Want It (Journey Cover)
10. Into the fire (Acoustic Version)