Random Eyes – Grieve no more
Release: 19-01-2018
Label: Rock ‘n’ Growl records

Finnish metal band Random Eyes will release their fourth album “Grieve No More” on January 19th via Rock’N’Growl records.
The album includes 10 tracks and was produced by Christian Palin (Panorama, ex-Adagio) and mixed/mastered by Angelo Buccolieri.

Random Eyes was formed by Christian Palin (Panorama, ex-Adagio) in 2001 when Christian began writing material and laying down the foundation for the band.
Random Eyes released their debut album “Eyes Ablaze” in 2003.
The second album “Invisible” was released in 2008 and the third album “Light Up” was released in 2011 and was produced by Tero Kinnunen (Nightwish).
Random Eyes direction has changed over the past years, and is going now in a more modern, riff-oriented sound.
Random Eyes is with “Grieve No More” on a mission to bring hope and light to a world caught in disarray and chaos.

A video teaser of the new album can be watched here !


1. Trail of Tears
2. Myopathy
3. Grieve no More
4. Fates loves the Fearless
5. 2 Worlds Collide
6. Damnation
7. Do what thou Wilt
8. Never too Late
9. Scar
10. The Final Quest

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