Juha Kujanpää Ensemble – Niin kauas kuin siivet kantaa
Release: 20-10-2017
Label: Kuu records

Juha Kujanpää is a Finnish composer and keyboard player, who works between the fields of folk, jazz, rock and theatre music.
His new album “Niin kauas kuin siivet kantaa – To Where My Wings Will Take Me” is released on October 20th, 2017.
It’s the third and last part of an instrumental album trilogy.
The previous parts, “Kultasiipi – Goldwing” (2015) and “Kivenpyörittäjä – Tales and Travels” (2013) have been critically acclaimed both in Finland and internationally.

The compositions on the album have been born in several places across Finland, in the expanses of Ostrobothnia,
the beautiful lake views of North Karelia and in a guest house in the monastery of Valamo. They draw influences from many different styles of music and sources of inspiration.
Orchestra waltzes, Greek bouzouki, Finnish folk music and klezmer scales are tied together with strong melodies and thoughtful, yet surprising arrangements.

Juha Kujanpää is known for his compositions for theatre and ensembles like Karuna, Captain Cougar and Kirjava lintu.
He also plays in improv theatre Häpeämättömät and has guested as a musician in Dave Lindholm’s and Joakim Berghäll’s records among many others.


5.Hirvitalon valssi
6.Jää sulaa
8.Niin kauas kuin siivet kantaa

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