Hardrock from Switzerland works like a red flag on a bull for me. Gotthard, Crocus, Shakra, Crystal Ball and also this “FELSKINN” could realy not disapear on my rock radar.
Started in 2005 and in the meantime changed their name once to “Download” this band is now back with new songs.
And when Mike Terrana, Mandy Meyer and Jgor Gianola are guest artists on this disc then it realy starts to itch everywhere for me and the play button can not be pushed down quickly enough.

The opener “Close Your Eyes” bursts open with full force. Ripping, screaming, banging, right in our face. Strong riffs that pushes this metal album in the highest gear immediately.
They sound heavy and after a few guitar solos we realy know that we can expect here and that’s a strong guitar-oriented album.
But also the vocal performance here is finger licking amazing. We hear some great examples in “Pictures In My Dreams” that Mr Andy Portmann fires at us.
A Lyric video, made by Jim Evgenidis @ Icon Filmworx Studios, was also released from this track. On this track Mike Terrana, Mandy Meyer & Jgor Gianola perform as guest musicians.
Slowly starting is the track “Dying man” but then strong progressive riffs try to make the song heavier but not in a negative way.
The track rages on like a real storm with a slightly more slow moment, but before you even expect it bursts back into full force.
“The Night Before The Dawn” is a mid-tempo track that also contains powerful guitar playing. What a great track this one is !
Beautiful songs don’t last long they say and that’s a fact.
A track of excactly 3 minutes that could very well be on any Shakra album is “Our Favorite Game”. Melodic and yet with so much style and power at the same time.
One off my absolute favorites on here !
Where most bands sometimes take a break halfway the album, these guys do the excact opposite.
A bit rougher then is “Bastards Out”. Prepare yourself for a wall of (guitar) power, vocal fire bursts and an unstoppable drummer.
Also in the more progressive track “Break New Ground” and the very heavy “Superhero” the party continues, although maybe a slight bit in a lower key.
“Rain Will Fall” then sounds like it’s a lot more melodic , but that is probably only an appearance after the previous heavy predecessor.
The string picking is going full speed again. It maybe is a pity that this top track does not last 4 minutes.
“Mind Over Matter” is again a bit more aggressive and sounds a bit like Metallica . The long vocal swoops between the oriental spheres are not realy my cup of tea.
“Wake Up On Mars” is a cheerful ballad just before the finish.
And then a final portion of progressive aggression is given in “I Hear You Calling”

Felskinn released with “Mind Over Matter” a very strong album. This will not only have its impact in Switzerland, but also far beyond it.
Jacob Hansen has done an excellent job with mixing and mastering the album.
A strong guitar-oriented album that radiates power and energy, but on some occasions also goes onto the edges of aggressiveness.


01. Close Your Eyes
02. Pictures in My Dreams
03. Dying Man
04. The Night Before the Dawn
05. Our Favourite Game
06. Bastards Out
07. Break New Ground
08. Superhero
09. Rain Will Fall
10. Mind over Matter
11. Wake up on Mars
12. I Hear You Calling

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Review by Andy G. Maelstaf.