Fabulae Dramatis was formed in 2011 in Antwerp, Belgium.
The band was formed by Isabel Restrepo (vocals, sitar, harmonium) – Hamlet (bass and vocals) and Daniel Díaz (guitar and bass) who also write the bands tunes.
Their current line-up also includes Isadora Cortina (vocals) – Maxime Moreira (drums) and Wesley Beernaert (vocals).
As well as collaborations with some brilliant international guest musicians playing violin, cello, accordion and djembe to name a few.

Together they combine the intensity and volume of progressive metal with more soft, lyrical, classical themes.
The sound is influenced by a range of world music and instruments such as the sitar, harmonium and tambura. Lyrics in the music often focus on short stories or fables.

Fabulae Dramatis prides its style on a “union of ideas, experimenting with diverse cultural and musical influences combined into one project”.
Eclectic, diverse and open-minded. They love to push the boundaries and try to look beyond the music genres and cultures !

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