Tom Tee or Tom Tas, with the regularity of the clock he always pops up somewhere.
Besides the fairytale Quantum Fantay, we know him from the 80’s metal from Ostrogoth, Acez 23 and recently also Thorium.
We can not ignore it and we do not want that either, because what this man brings on the market guarantees “the better local work”.
With Entering Polaris, another project of his hand, he adds an extra piece.
Entering Polaris has only 2 regular band members, being Tom Tas on guitar and Vincent Van Kerckhove on drum.
That created a lot of possibilities and creativity, which was filled in by a firm list of guest musicians. The list is quite impressive.
With so much quality, Tom sets the bar for himself very high. He took his music, texts, recording and production for his own account.
Re-ampening, mixing and mastering was done by Simone Mularoni (DGM). Nine songs long Tom and his companions take us on a metal trip that does not seem to stop.
It starts with “Nostalgia For Infinity” with the cooperation of Henrik Fevre (Anubis Gato) and Bjóm Strid (Sollwork).
In this up-tempo and progressive track we get finger-fast and aggressive guitar and drum work combined with grunts and clean vocals.
The catchy riffs go hand in hand with the melodic line of the song.
For “Flightless” they called in the help of Henrik Fevre (Anubis Gate) and surprisingly on sax Gregg Rossetti (Suspyro).
The song radiates a somewhat negative feeling with a “searching” vocals. Halfway through the song changes to an instrumental piece with saxophone.
An item that I did not see coming and frowned my eyebrows. Not meant to be negative, but surprising and let that be one of the many strengths of this album. Perhaps this intermezzo has to do with his alter ego in Quantum Fantay.
None other than Thomas Vikström from Therion provides the vocals on “It’s A Good Day For Burning Witches”.
It is a speed metal number with excellent guitar work and of course the better vocals.
One of the many gems on this album is probably “Godspeed”. Mind you, not Godseed like the album title. Man, that’s a great number.
Here too Thomas Vikström helped that this was a melodic up tempo, really good catchy song. Pay attention to the tight guitar work and sublime solo work.
I do not get enough of this. Repeat please …
“Clear Skies” introduces singer Lance King (Balance Of Power, ex-Pyramaze). The song starts almost immediately with a guitar solo,
after which a gunfight with loud riffs will pierce you. The sky is closing and we are going full speed ahead with somewhat more aggressive pieces.
The song suddenly tilts to a quiet intermezzo, which comes as a relief. Take care of your breath and the rhythm and tempo change again with heavenly vocals. Enjoy a guitar solo sometimes reminiscent of “the fly of the bumble bee” in terms of perfection and speed.
Although the number does not reach five minutes, it all seems much shorter.
Lance King also contributes to the ballad “A Song Of Distant Earth”.
“Paradise Reclaimed” recently came out as a video clip. It seems to be the flagship because none other than Thomas Vikström, Georg Neuhauser (Serenity), Audrey Dandeville (Irradiance) and Sindre Nedland (in Vain, Funeral) cooperated. Joris Van Daele (Michael Angelo Bato) provided the guitar solo.
It is a, well, combination of rhythms, where the vocals still have a clash of vigor.
The upbeat guitar ghost can keep Georg happy because of his reputation in Serenity, he bursts out with such powerful vocal defense.
Audrey forms a counterpart due to her high vocals. I really like the more aggressive pieces,
where the power drips off, but the intense fragile pieces form such a beautiful contrast that the song benefits.
“The Field Of Ghosts” with Fabio Lione (Rhapsody, Angra) and Arno Menses (Sleges Even, Subsignal) has a superspeed intro and then quiet intermezzo,
it is a song of extremes that is sung seamlessly to each other.
We are already on the last track with “The Long Run”. And it’s a long run, because no less than a mere 18 minutes singers Lance King, Thomas Vikström, Henrik Fevre, Arno Menses and Fabio Lione give the best of themselves. Watch the solo by Dario Frodo (Ostrogoth, Thorlum).
It will be a happy ending to proudly close the disc with a lot of variation.
It is great to listen to such songs, but it takes a while before you gigest this choice. That is why it took some time before I could write this review.
It has become an album where a style and a band are not used as a guideline and Tom tried to translate his own creations and musicality as he feels and expresses it. That is why you can not use a genre here, but rather speak of a melodic combination of musical atmospheres and feelings that come together.
The sublime aspect of all this is that it all seems so obvious, but from classical to grunts,
from quiet to speed metal and really everything in between you find something in one form or another.
His refined guitar work comes into its own and ensures that the many guest vocalists feel supported in the back.
Then add some fine drumming from Vincent and you will get something unique.   You get Godseed @ Godspeed!

With thanks to Mike De Coene (Hardlife Promotion) for the physical CD.


01. Nostalgia For Infinity
02. Flightless
03. It’s A Good Day For Burning Witches
04. Godspeed
05. Clear Skies
06. A Song Of Distant Earth
07 Paradise Reclaimed
08. The Field Of Ghosts
09. The Long Run.

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Review by Andy G. Maelstaf.