Band members:

Evy : vocals
Domingo : guitars, vocals
Kristof : bass
Fre : drums

After Domingo Smets left his former band Ancient Rites after almost 15 years, he felt the need for a new project to put in all his energy and inspiration.
With the first songs written he started to look for the right vocalist, realizing that he was searching for a more melodic and powerful voice to fit the symphonic parts and heavy guitars.
So, February 2015 Domingo decided to team up with Evy Verbruggen for this new musical endeavour Elusion !

Other musicians were easily found in Frederik Van Mieghem (drums) and Kristof Degreef (Bass) who had been playing together with Domingo over the past years in different projects like Gracefallen and Persephone’s Blade and they too were looking for something new, something different…
When hearing the first Elusion songs, they were convinced and as of that moment they are contributing members to the band.

Elusion brings captivating songs with heavy guitars, filled with symphonic melodies that lure you into the different stories told by vocalist Evy.
Her pure voice fits perfectly with the music and enforces the atmosphere of each song, while bass player Kristof takes care of the more brutal grunts.

Their first Ep “Desert of enticement” was released june 15th , 2016

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