From Hardlife promotion I got this Ep from Elusion , a new Belgian symphonic metal band !
The band delivers their first Ep that includes three beautiful songs. The Ep was already released in 2016 but since I didn’ t know the band it’s just now here online !
I quickly search the internet for some info about the band.
In 2015 the group was formed by guitarist Domingo Smets and singer Evy Verbruggen. Together they created their new project “Elusion”
Later joined by Frederik Van Mieghem on drums and Kristof Degreef on bass, the duo became a more solid formation and began to compose new songs.
Elusion brings captivating songs with heavy guitars, filled with symphonic melodies that lure you into the different stories told by vocalist Evy.

The Ep starts with “The Serpentine Trail” , a song with a nice piano intro that quickly changes into fast rhythms with heavy dubbel bass drums.
Reminds me a lot of older Nightwish !  I just love this !!!
The song is orchestrated perfectly and Evy’s voice fits the track perfectly ! She sings in a comfortable way but still proves her talent as a skilfull singer !!
Where did you hide this talent ??  The solo by Domingo is just perfect here !

“Desert of Enticemant” has an oriental vibe throughout the song ! I ‘ve said in in other reviews also that I’ m a big fan of this mix from Oriental music with metal !!
The band shows here again their skills to combine both power and melody , listen to the grunts of Domingo combined with the clear voice of Evy !!
Simply amazing !  You sure can hear that these guys all have great experience and skills !

The last song “Facade” is different from the other two , the song begins with a celtic flute , more in the style of folk music.
The band uses different sounds and styles here and take the song to a higher level !!

Only 3 songs , but enough to convince me that Elusion is a band with great potential and a delight to listen to.  This is truly a discovery for me !
The band proves to me that there are realy amazing bands in Belgium (this is the second great band I discover in just one month)
I hope to hear more from these guys in the future in the form of a full album !  But before that I’ ll start by seeing them play live very soon and have a small chat with them !

Support your local scene !!!

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