Thanks to Cara I got the chance to listen to the debut album of “Elephants in paradise” that will be released february 16th , 2018
The band started in 2015 when Christoph decided to create a unique musical project. Four talented musicians captivate with their musical performance !!
The modern metal band offers a stimulant of a different kind with this first album , that attracts the listener with unconventional compositions !

As a melodic rocker the album needed a few spins for me to understand the true essence of the songs !
The band is definetly not afraid to experiment with elements of other styles woven into their songs ! Progressive, rhythmic parts alternate with groovy pounding compositions.
A hard guitar sound is spiced up with a bit of electronical elements and harmonic choirs.
The instrumental treat for the ears is topped off by a strong female voice which ranges easily over four octaves.

I hear very modern tracks like “Forever free” , “Angry angels” & “Stay awake” , songs with all the right punches this music needs !
Listen to powerful tracks like “Feeding a lie” (do I hear some Pink Floyd in here) , “Wake up” & “Breaking bad”.
This last one was the first single of the album, a powerful rock ballad that tells about how the right reasons mislead to act wrong.
Watch the video of this song here !

But also more catchy songs like “Losing paradise” , “Love and hate” & “We are here” , songs that stick in your ears for the rest of the day.

If I have to pick one favorite of the album it has to be “Feeding a lie” , the second single of the album and a sure winner for me !
These ten songs span the gap between hard rock / power metal / alternative metal. Cara’s powerful vocals push all the tracks to that extra level !
Cara is an outstanding singer who has a dynamic voice that eludes a wide range emotions from fierceness to sensuality.
Memorable, harmonious refrains support complex, aggressive compositions. Powerful, hard arrangements combined with critical lyrics wake up the listeners.
„Elephants in Paradise“ provides Modern metal with a new touch. Catchy, melodic refrains accompany arrangements that defy conventions.
The content of the songs varies from socially critical messages to their own emotional experiences.
The entire album invites the listener to reflect and invites him to venture beyond borders and question norms.
*Elephants in Paradise” show with their debut album that they clearly enjoy unusual media presentations.
“Wake Up” already gives an idea of the power the four musicians release on stage…and hopefully I soon get the chance to see that power !


01 Forever free
02 Feeding a lie
03 Breaking Bad
04 Wake Up
05 Losing Paradise
06 From Hell
07 Angry Angels
08 Stay Away
09 Love And Hate
10 We Are Here

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