E.N.E.M.Y – The Inevitable Noise Inside
Release: 21-03-2018
Label: Independant release

“E.N.E.M.Y” (Everything New, Everything Means You) is the solo project of vocalist / multi-instrumentalist Arthur Appel (Hard Breakers / Marenna),
an intimate project focused on the influences of “Symphonic Rock” strolling through modern gothic atmosphere,
who was born slowly and with the intention of musically exploring the truth of its creator.
All music has its energy and life of its own and was conceived in a natural way, using Arthur only as a receptacle, in an organic, sometimes unbalanced way,
with points of tension and uncertainty throughout the period.

The Debut album was conceived during two long years (2014/2016) portraying all type of psychological drama, conflicts and uncertainties that the author underwent during the compositions, serving as a (momentary) cure to all the frustration and disappointment found around him.
“The Inevitable Noise Inside” was an album composed and recorded without the pretense of getting to see the light of day,
rather as a way of translating musically what “the inevitable noise inside” Arthur meant to say.
The album includes 11 tracks, and all proceedings were made by Arthur Appel. Since composing, performing, arranging, producing, mixing and mastering in his own studio,
Broken Glass Studios (Caxias do Sul).

You can watch a video for the song “Same mistake” here !


01 – Breathe
02 –Same Mistakes
03 – Fray
04 –Where Are You?
05 –Haunting Me
06 – Beyond
07 – Burned
08 –Don’t Run Away
09 – Winter Rain
10 – Goodbye
11 – The Inevitable Noise Inside

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