The British symphonic metal band “Dead Of Night” consists of singer Briony Featon, Carl Eden (keyboards and arrangements), guitarist Dan Roberts, bass player Jason Peacock
and drummer Mark Commons. After their start in 2013, the success did not stop. The band grew and you could see them live several times in the recent years.
They won the online ‘Life You Choose Battle of the Bands’ competition in 2016, proving that their fans are completely behind them.
They are now presenting their fourth album “The Evolving Science Of Self”.
For the title of the album, they took inspiration from the interest of consciousness, perception and the way in which science and spirituality begin to overlap.

“Here Come The Metal Men” starts with a spacy intro. A robot voice welcomes us for a metal trip of about an hour. On the album we get a nice variation but it all fits nicely together.
There are some quieter songs such as “Home”, “One For The Moon” and “Set The Night On Fire”. You would not expect this with such a title.
A lot more melodic are “For I Am Music” and “The Six Steps”. In the latter, our robot counts all the steps from the beginning.
Enjoy the great keyboard intro of “Someone’s Calling You” but this up-tempo song also has a beautiful guitar solo in store for us. The coherence of a choir and a robot ?
Well, that is possible in “Invasion”. The style of this progressive up-tempo number is still somewhat different from the other.
When singing about “When The Nightingale Sings” I think she can talk about herself because her voice sounds really pure. Enough power, nice long strokes, this is very beautiful again.
Strikingly short is “I Will” that starts with a very quiet vocal intro. Some keyboards as support but it remains very fragile song.
The melody has a climax at the end but remains unusually beautiful.
“Onward” is a melodic song where Briony spreads her singing skills extra wide and offers us a final gem. Her flawless voice can handle a lot.

Often we find songs in a more quiet style where a lot of keyboards are present. A good choice because guitar violence is out of the question here with only one guitarist.
That is why the “symphonic metal” designation has sometimes been slightly reduced to “symphonic rock”.
Mastermind Carl Eden is responsible for the computer & keyboard elements, but he also did an excellent job by producing, mixing and mastering the record in “The Creative Room”
in Manchester. What strikes me the most on this album is the comfort of with which each musician is in perfect balance with the other.
Not too much emphasis on guitar, but everything is nicely divided. A band that continues its advance in a short time and this album will certainly help them get even further.
Fans of Nightwish, Xandria or Within Temptation can without a doubt add a new band in their genre with “Dead Of Night”

Listen here to the song “Seraphim” that is the seconds single from the album !


01. Here Come The Metal Men
02. Seraphim
03. One For The Moon
04. For I Am Music
05. Set The Night On Fire
06. The Six Steps
07. Someone’s Calling You
08. Home
09. Invasion
10. When The Nightingale Sings
11. I Will
12. Onward

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Review by Andy G. Maelstaf !