Michael Kratz – Live your life
Release: march 2018
Label: Art of Melody music

Art Of Melody Music & Burning Minds Music Group are excited to announce the signing of Danish Westcoast artist, Michael Kratz – the official site,
for the European release of his brand new album, “Live Your Life”. Michael has had a long and rewarding career in the music business, especially in his home country.
Having achieved multiple gold releases as the drummer of mainstream pop act, Kandis, his fanbase grew, thanks to his remarkable skills as a musician,
which enables him to play any style of rock music. However, it is in the AOR/Westcoast fields that Michael found his passion burning once again.
He decided to take on the demanding role of main vocalist in a brand new step in his artistic career. Inspired by the roots of his favorite music,
he has perfectly expressed his most personal and artistic side with this new album.

“Live Your Life” will become a true classic for all AOR & Westcoast fans worldwide, thanks to an overall outstanding quality and passion.
These key elements of Michael’s nature have opened doors for important collaborations with legendary musicians all over the world and “Live Your Life”
is enhanced by guest appearances from some of the most acclaimed international music legends.
A European release is expected for March 2018 via Art of Melody Music/Burning Minds Music Group. A dedicated Japanese release is set for April on ASM – Anderstein Music.

You can already watch the video for the song “Live your life” here !

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