Ivan Ivanovic – Wings up high
Release: 27-11-2017
Label: Inepêndant release

Organic sound, strong riffs, big choruses, powerful melodies, fresh approach and modern production, that is the music of Ivan Ivankovic !
Fans across the globe are discovering this artist that is bringing the power metal back to glory days !
This guitar player, singer and songwriter released instrumenal EP ”String Tales” in 2015 and a full lenght studio album ”World in fear” in 2016.
Now november  27th he’s already presenting his new album ”Wings Up High” that will be released worldwide !

You can already watch the titel track “Ready for take off ” here !


1. Ready for take off (intro)
2. Wings up high
3. Forevermore
4. Vision comes to life
5. Overture to justice
6. With justice I come
7. Frozen dreams
8. Open your eyes
9. Save me

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