Breaking the Chains – We are breaking the chains
Release: 15-04-2018
Label: Independant release

“Breaking The Chains” is a rock music project created to raise awareness for Child Abuse and support the great work of Bikers Against Child Abuse (B.A.C.A.).

By bringing some of the biggest and best rock musicians of The Netherlands together to make an album we want to show the world that we stand united and strong against any form of child abuse.
We’re reaching out to the millions of fans of blues, rock, hard rock and metal and hope that the word will spread fast and wide all over the globe.
The music we make is the sound track of the great work done by B.A.C.A. and together we rid the stigma of scary bikers and brutal rockers being everything but caring people
with loads of empathy and big hearts.
Together we’re the strong force that reaches down to lend a helping hand to the weak and broken. We’re lending our voices to those who dare not speak up.

“Breaking The Chains” is a 100% non-profit project.
This means that absolutely everyone involved in this project is doing it completely for free, out of their good heart.
Any costs made during the production will be paid for by sponsors, partners and donators.
All income will go directly to B.A.C.A. (which also is a non-profit organisation) to help them in their mission to protect, help and enforce the wounded and broken.
All music is original and written for this project with the B.A.C.A. mission in mind.
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You can watch a video for the track “Valley road” here !


01. Superhero
02. Angels on Wheels
03. Believe in Me
04. Follow My Way
05. Valley Road
06. Breathe Again
07. Endless Rain
08. Cold Hands Warm Heart
09. Breaking the Chains
10. Shattered Lives
11. Solid Ground
12. Ghosts of Your Past
13. Silent Wind

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