Malacoda – Ritualis Aeterna
Release: 19-01-2018
Label: Rockshots records

Canadian horror inspired symphonic power metal band Malacoda have signed a multi-album deal with Rockshots records.
Their latest Ep “Ritualis Aeterna” will be re-released and distributed worldwide on January 19th  2018. Malacoda’s follow up to their self-titled debut.
The band explores darker and more symphonic territories with “Ritualis Aeterna”. All songs deal with an aspect of horror in some form, whether it be horror as a timeless form of entertainment, or dealing with horrors in every day life, the short Ep touches a wide range of content.
Keyboard virtuoso Jonah Weingarten (Pyramaze) has joined forces with the band, adding a new potent weapon to the band’s sonic arsenal.
“Ritualis Aeterna” is a mix of the band’s existing blend of melody and crunch but with an added dose of dark atmosphere.
The band’s name is taken from a demon from Dante’s ‘Divine Comedy’, Malacoda’s dark gothic vision is indeed divine but no laughing matter.

Like the Infern’ that inspired their name they forge metal without limits in sonic shapes endless and horrifying in equal measure.
Malacoda’s music vision shares much in common with Dante’s, they are unafraid to gaze into the abyss, unafraid to be inspired by the myriad of human horrors within and without.
They are not blind to the worlds within them waiting to be born.  Full of dark atmosphere, originality and innovation, “Ritualis Aeterna” is gothic power metal for the 21st century,
intelligence and intensity to rival that of their infernal inspirations.
The band is currently in the studio hard at work on the second full length album to be released via Rockshots Records in late 2018.

A video for the track “Penny Dreadful” can be viewed here !


1. Penny Dreadful
2. I Got A Letter
3. Pandemonium
4. The Wild Hunt
5. Linger Here
6. There Will Always Be One

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