Borealis – The offering
Release: 23-03-2018
Label: AFM records

Young Canadian melodic metallers Borealis are returning with their fourth studio album called “The Offering”.
Although Canada might not be the first country one would think of when it comes to high class melodic metal Borealis once again prove their potential with strong melodies,
tasteful instrumentations and their very own blend of modern metal riffs, classic power metal and progressive elements.
It is also a premiere for the band as singer Matt Marinelli explains. “The Offering” describes a story concept resulting from an interest in cults sparked by his fascination for horror movies.
“The album follows the creation, rise and ultimate demise of a cult who practices human, more specifically child sacrifice.
They believe this method of belief, sacrifice and devotion will bring an end to the suffering of humanity, as well as bring back the innocence of mankind that was lost to greed and industrialism. However, due to their lack of respect to powers greater than themselves, they unwittingly create a deity out of the sacrificed kid, whom ultimately delivers punishment due to their injustice.
The men in the cult are too self-consumed with their righteous quest, they’ve completely overlooked the fact that children are the true key to restoring and preserving lost innocence.”

Underlined by this story concept the album again delivers forceful, sometimes progressive metal riffs which are accompanied by epic melodies and Matt Marinelli’s expressive voice
which elegantly guides through the twelve songs.
The dense atmosphere Borealis are creating with this mixture adds a depth to “The Offering” which only few others can achieve and which will amaze fans of bands like Evergrey,
Kamelot or Nocturnal Rites.

You can watch the first single of the album, “Sign of no return” here !


01. The Fire Between Us
02. Sign Of No Return
03. The Offering
04. River
05. The Second Son
06. The Devil’s Hand
07. Into The Light
08. Scarlet Angel
09. The Awakening
10. The Path
11. Forever Lost
12. The Ghosts Of Innocence

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