Monument – Hellbound
Release: 27-04-2018
Label: Rock of Angels records

British heavy metal band “Monument” announced the release of their 3rd studio album “Hellhound” on May 25th, 2018 via Rock Of Angels Records.
The album, consisting of 9 plus 3 bonus  tracks of pure British heavy metal, will also be available in a limited 500 copy Boxset version, red, yellow and orange marbled double vinyl
and on black vinyl (9 tracks only). Twin guitar melodies, loud bass tones, thundering drums and soaring tenor vocals are all present in abundance.
Lyrically, the album draws inspiration from a variety of sources like history, urban London life, the occult and personal relationships.
The band also announced the release of a new 7″ inch vinyl single for “William Kidd”  including the Rainbow cover song “Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll”,
in a limited edition of 500 copies worldwide, out on April 27th  2018 also via Rock Of Angels Records.

Formed in the streets of East London by vocalist Peter Ellis, Monument is bringing back a sound that has been missing from the UK for nearly 30 years… True British Heavy Metal !
With thunderous, melodic bass tones, dual guitar harmonies, rock-solid drum beats and signature falsetto wails,
the band is determined to make a difference in today’s Metal scene and is celebrating a sound that is rooted in melody and good songwriting that will inspire a new generation of Metal fans.
True Metal is back in the Empire and Monument will undoubtedly be the band at the forefront of this new wave.

You can watch a lyric video for the song “Attila” here !


1. William Kidd
2. The Chalice
3. Death Avenue
4. Nightrider
5. Hellhound
6. Wheels of Steel
7. The End
8. Attila
9. Straight Through the Heart

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