Hot Foxxy – Burning bridges
Release: august 2017
Label: Independant release

With songs composed between 2015 and 2016, the first full-length Hot Foxxy was recorded and mastered at Funds House Studio in Curitiba,
and produced by Alysson Irala, renowned guitarist and composer from Curitiba (Sad Theory, Motorbastards, Shadow Maze , etc).
The work is called ‘Burning Bridges’.
“The idea came from the homonymous song, which talks about leaving the past behind and having the courage to face the new paths that are revealed
ahead of us after great losses or drastic changes in direction.” – says Marco Lacerda, vocalist, about the title Chosen for the album.
‘Burning Bridges’ is the successor to the ‘Tattooed Girl in Black’ EP, released by the group in 2015,
and shows the band’s musical maturity as well as greater care with all the details of the album.
“The recording and production were sensational, we take care of all the details in detail to deliver the best to the public and with an international level.” – comments guitarrist Ederson Erig.
Following a musical line influenced by the Hard Rock, the tracks have different themes that tell stories lived by the members and or make reference to outstanding people that crossed the trajectory of these. An example is ‘Redhead Rocker’, opening track of the album and also music from the band’s first official video clip.
By listening to the album people will feel the energy of our Hard Rock that is made from the heart. “- Concludes Daniel Schultz, drummer.

Watch the video for “Redhead rocker” here !


1. Redhead Rocker
2. Clear Moon
3. Burning Bridges
4. Wrong Love
5. Getting Over You
6. I Don’t Mind If It Won’t Last Forever (I Want You Tonight)
7. Tattooed Girl In Black
8. Born To Be a Rockstar
9. Getting Over You (acoustic version feat Gabi Nickel)
10. Redhead Rocker (piano version)

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