Sunroad – Wing seven 
Release: 02-03-2017
Label: Roxx records (USA)  &  Music records (Brazil)

Founded in 1996, Sunraod is considered the main hard rock group from Brazilian midwest. With 6 studio albuns released including a 2008´s collection. Since 2003 the band had a good international distribution and shared stage with famous artists and rock bands. Actually, Sunroad has a new album out (I almost missed that one) called Wing seven !

The band already busy since 1999 and since then hard working to get bigger every year !
In 2015, the band dealed with Dean Guitars Brazil but is now endorsed by Dean Guitars.
Soon after this, Sunroad musicians supported the renowed american singer and composer Kelly Keeling (Baton Rouge, MSG, John Norum, Red Zone Rider) along his Brazlian tour. After this tour, the singer Andre Adonis joined Sunroad and the band starts the seventh album compositions whose name is “Wing Seven”, an allusion to the Sunroad´s seventh studio album.

The album is released on Musik Records in Brazil & Roxx records in USA.  For europe only digital release for the moment on all major platforms !!

You can watch the lyric video for “Destiny Shadows” here !


01. Destiny Shadows
02. White Eclipse
03. In the Sand
04. Misspent Youth
05. Tempo (What Is Ever)
06. Whatever
07. Skies Eyes
08. Day by Day
09. Craft of Whirlwinds
10. Drifting Ships
11. Brighty Breakdown
12. Pilot of Your Heart
13.Last Sunray in the Road

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