Hardridge – Hardridge
Release: august 2017
Label: Independant release

A week or two ago I stumbled upon this band on the internet “Hardridge”, A Belgian band even !!
Well , one man’s project would actually sound better here! I e-mailed the one in charge and received the following mail from the man himself Joran Bauwens !

Hi I’m Joran, I’m 18 years old and last year, the idea came to start a solo project as I did not find the proper band at that time.
With the original intention to write and release music in order to find group members, Hardridge originated, from my pseudonym Joe Hardridge,
the name of which I publish my music, as Joran Bauwens is not really commercial.
Soon my passion for music became much bigger than she already was. Then I started with the Mirror album.
It was a work of hard labor that took a good year because I did everything myself !!
– I wrote the numbers
– I played the 2 guitars
– I played the bass
– I played the keys
– I sang the lead and backing vocals & wrote the text for all the numbers
– I did everything in my old bedroom, which I transformed into a modest studio.
– and I designed the logo !

All of this was sometimes difficult to combine with me still going to school. The album was mixed up in Atomika Studios: a studio by Marc De Keyser.
He listened to everything I said and provided a pleasant cooperation.
in addition, my father Peter Bauwens took care of the layout of the cover in combination with my logo.

This album is written with the intention to give people a message. It sometimes focuses on dark subjects but I do this to give insight into the perspective of the person in question.
In times like today, I think it’s important that we can move in other people. I want to encourage this in this way.
In addition, there is the motive of love that constantly repeats. Love is our salvation and there should be more of it.
Love, therefore, I would like to encourage. Mirror I found a good title because people sometimes have to learn to look deeper at themselves.
In order to improve themselves and become their best version. Your desires, dreams, truths and answers lie in yourself.

The Cd is available on iTunes, Spotify, Tidal, Deezer, Google Play music, Amazon music and on my website: www.hardridgeband.com
There are no physical copies released because I do everything in my own hands and have no label behind me.


Prophet Thunder
It’s Now
Broken Soil
Saint Of Thieves
Brighter Side
Side by Side
Fly Away

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