Mr. Myst – Red Light District
Release: 24-02-2018
Label: Independant release

Mr. Myst was established in 2013 by no other than Mr. Atticus Myst himself. According to Mr. A. Myst, it was about time to give the Flemish rock scene a serious kick in the butt.
He quickly hooked up with old buddy and vocalist Mr. JSD to check whether they could find common ground.
When Myst plugged in his guitar and started cranking some tunes, thunder and lightning struck. So heavily that Mr. JSD was blown out of the window.
This day saw the rebirth of rock and roll. And the cradle would rock in Ostend, the Queen of the Belgian seaside resorts.
2017 is going to be a busy year with the release of the new album !
Not only will Mr. Myst rise to stardom, after having deflowered all Flemish women, they are now ready to inseminate all the willing women in the rest of the world.

You can watch a video for the song “Red light district” here !


01. Stand up
02. Red light district
03. Runaway
04. I’m still standing
05. Sex all day

You can order the new album by mail now : MR.MYST@iCLOUD.COM or drop the band a message on Facebook.

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