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Wanted: Reviewers !!

I’m looking for people to help out with the many reviews of new releases !! Only people with a serius interest in rock/metal/symphonic…. Reviews must be in english because my site is viewed worldwide ! If interested to help out or wanting more info please contact me using the contact form here on the site...

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Finnish melodic metal band “Arion” announce release of their second album in october !

Arion – Life is not beautiful Release date: 19-10-2018 Label: AFM records AFM Records proudly announces the signing of Finnish melodic metal act “Arion”. The band led by guitarist Iivo Kaipainen, been around since 2011, when all members (most of them students of the Sibelius musical high school in Helsinki) were still teenagers. In 2013 ARION entered the limelight for the first time when participating in Finland’s Eurovision Song Contest qualifiers  with their song “Lost”. The then unknown band ended up on a sensational #5 and shortly after was offered a deal by a Finnish label. Arion’s debut album “Last...

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First single from AOR band “Creye” from their upcoming debut album !

Creye – “Holding On” (Official Audio) CREYE was put together by guitarist Andreas Gullstrand in early 2015. After playing in different bands over the years, including Grand Slam, Andreas felt that it was about time to turn it up a notch. His vision was to start a new Swedish pop/rock sensation that would take listeners on a journey back to the glory days of the eighties, both musically and visually. After spending nearly two months experimenting with the sound of the band, Andreas settled on what could best be described as a slick melodic rock sound with a touch of 80’s retro in the mix. This is the first single of the upcoming debut album sheduled for release on october 12th...

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Devils Rock for an Angel

Devils rock for an angel is een metalfest tvv "Kom op tegen kanker"

Ithilien – Blindfolded

Fabulae Dramatis – Agni’s Dynasty (Fire I)

Solitude Within – Fade Away (Lyrics Video)