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Best of 2017 melodic releases.

01. Code Red - Incendiary02. Romeo Riot - Sing it Loud03. Wildness - Wildness04. Darren Phillips Project - Volume 105. One Desire - One Desire06. Raintimes - Raintimes07. Airbound - Airbound08. Art Nation - Liberation09. Degreed - Degreed10. HEAT - Into the Great Unknown11. Harem Scarem - United12. Adellaide - Flying high13. Rain - Out of the Darkness14. Dante Fox - Six String Revolver15. The Radio-Sun - Unstoppable16. Lionville - World of Fools17. Brother Firetribe - Sunbound18. Revlin Project - Dimension19. Still Living - Ymmij20. Stormburst - Raised on...

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Still Living – Ymmij (2017)

“YmmiJ” is the 3rd album from my friends , Brazilian Melodic Hard Rockers Still Living ! Renato Costa a very good friend by now and we’ve been talking a lot about this album since day one. It almost feels like I’m a very very small part of all of this ?! The new album marks a new step for the band as with this album the band created a concept about a man called Jimmy. (hence the album’s title, his name backwards “YmmiJ”) — Jimmy is about a man trapped in his lifestyle full of alcohol and drugs, fighting...

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Symphonic metal band “Vinide” announce release of their 3rd album in january.

Vinide – Reveal Release: 26-01-2018 Label: Inverse records Vinide is a symphonic metal band from Finland. Vinide was formed back in 2003 by five high school students who shared the same interest in playing heavy metal music. In the beginning, the sound was more light than nowadays. Throughout some self-released singles and Ep’s band decided to make their first full album which was released on 2007. After almost two years of silence in January 2010 the band released a single called “Into The Waters” and turned their musical style heavier and added some classical instruments on the arrangements. The time...

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Adellaide – Flying High (2017)

Adellaide is a new and very promising melodic rock band from Brazil and with their debut record “Flying High” the band is ready to make some serious noise. Adellaide released their debut Ep in 2016 and gained very positive review from both fans and press. The cover of the new album is designed by artist Joey Polycarpo who has worked with many well-known names in the genre like the A.O.R. , Goran Edman, Chasing Violets and many others. Their music is based on AOR / Melodic rock that is heavenly influenced by bands such as Journey, Survivor to name...

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Melodic rock band “Odyssey Desperado” announce release of their debut album in march.

Odyssey Desperado – Don’t miss the sunset Release: 30-03-2018 Label: Lions Pride music Odyssey Desperado is a melodic hard rock project started by Odysseas Karapolitis in 2014 in Athens Greece. His dream was to share the music, the melodies and the ideas he had in his mind with other people. For achieving this goal he worked with the multi-talented producer Bob Katsionis (Outloud, Firewind ) at Sound Symmetry Studio, also recruited one of the best Greek voices in the genre Manos Fatsis on lead vocals, and the legendary Paul Laine (ex-Danger Danger) on the backing vocals. Four years later,...

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Ithilien – Blindfolded

Valkyre – Whispering Thoughts

Solitude Within – Fade Away (Lyrics Video)

Fabulae Dramatis – Agni’s Dynasty (Fire I)

Elusion – The Serpentine Trail