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Rockfilespromo keeps rocking..

Gino, wants you to know that RockfilesPromo will continue, and everything is ok with him. He is recovering from surgery, but all is ok. We are working on new posts & interviews. Rock on...

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Charity rock project “Breaking the Chains” from the Netherlands album out now !!

Breaking the Chains – We are breaking the chains Release: 15-04-2018 Label: Independant release “Breaking The Chains” is a rock music project created to raise awareness for Child Abuse and support the great work of Bikers Against Child Abuse (B.A.C.A.). By bringing some of the biggest and best rock musicians of The Netherlands together to make an album we want to show the world that we stand united and strong against any form of child abuse. We’re reaching out to the millions of fans of blues, rock, hard rock and metal and hope that the word will spread fast...

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Modern symphonic metal band “Alia Tempora” release new live video feat. Timo Somers !

Alia Tempora – “Black ‘n white (Ft. Timo Somers)” Alia Tempora releases new song “Black ‘n white” that features Timo Somers (Delain,Vengeance…) Frontwoman Markie Morávková describes the clip as follows: “Remember how they said you did not have …” and refers to her current campaign against cyberbullying “Real Talk” !! You can watch the new video here...

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Metal band “Liv Sin” from Sweden announce release of new Ep in may.

Liv Sin – Inverted Release: 25-05-2018 Label: Despotz records When “Sister Sin” called it quits at the end of 2015, Liv knew that she had much more to offer the world and her fans. From this “Liv Sin” was born in the spring of 2017. The band released their debut album “Follow me” last year ! Since the release of Liv Sin’s debut album the band has been on a European tour in the UK, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Switzerland and a major tour in Spain. Liv’s fan base has been faithful and grown even bigger with the new...

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British heavy metal band “Monument” have released a new music video for their second single.

Monument – “William kidd” It’s the second single off their upcoming album “Hellhound”, including the Rainbow cover song ‘Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll‘. The song tells the tale of the infamous privateer of the same name and finds the band in incredible form giving some of their best performances yet on record. The video can be watched here ! Facebook...

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Devils Rock for an Angel

Devils rock for an angel is een metalfest tvv "Kom op tegen kanker"

Ithilien – Blindfolded

Fabulae Dramatis – Agni’s Dynasty (Fire I)

Solitude Within – Fade Away (Lyrics Video)