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Westcoast band “Mindfeels” release first video from upcoming album.

Mindfeels – Soul has gone away from “XXenty” Art Of Melody Music & Burning Minds Music Group are glad to announce that the official videoclip for “Soul Has Gone Away”, the first single taken from the Mindfeels’ debut album, “XXenty”, is finally available on Youtube. Watch the video here ! From the beginning, Mindfeels showed their endless love and deep respect for the music of American AOR/Westcoast legends, Toto, opting for a moniker which reflected the big admiration for their timeless album “Mindfields”. With refined melodies, outstanding instrumental performances and a very mature songwriting, Mindfeels’ promises to appeal to all...

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Multinational band “Perfect Blue Sky” release new video from their latest album.

Perfect Blue Sky (from the album The Eye Of Tilos – may 2017) Multinational band “Perfect Blue Sky”, have released a new music video for “Wasteland”, the double A side to the Astronaut single, today. Anthemic, catchy and reminiscient of – If Fleetwood Mac had a baby with Pink Floyd/The Who/Pearl Jam/Led Zeppelin-  it would sound like Wasteland ! Singer Jane Kitto says: “Wasteland depicts making our own path rather than trying to shuffle along with unfulfilled dreams through society conditioning. Don’t get stuck in no man’s land wondering where it all disappeared to” Perfect Blue Sky is a highly...

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Introducing “First Night” , a new AOR band from Estonia !

First Night is a Melodic / AOR band from Tallinn (Estonia) , currently working on songs for their yet to be announced album !!!  First Night was formed in summer 2016, after Reneck Sweet decided to put together a new band. Old friends Mikk Tivas, Kristjan Aasamäe,who were in the band called Rising Sun, we’re happy with material which Reneck had written and joined the forces. Idea was to make a AOR/Hard Rock band,the genre that we all loved. Reneck says: “I used to be a lead singer in the Rising Sun when we started the band in 2007. Shortly...

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New US supergroup “Romeo Riot” debute album out now !!

Romeo Riot – Sing it loud Release: 16-10-2017 Label: Kivel records Hard hitting arena Rock. The album Bon Jovi never made !! Think Night Ranger, Slippery Era Bon Jovi with a wall of guitars and vocals. This is a 10 song album that is begging to be played on a big stage or cranked in your stereo, car or ipod. Romeo Riot is a band of now bringing back the sound of then with the production of today. Best of both worlds. Most importantly, this is a FUN record that will put a smile on your face and want...

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Scarved.  “ScaRveD” is a four-piece female fronted rockband from Belgium who’s main goal is to keep the classic rock spirit alive in their very own and particular way. ScaRveD started in september 2012. They make a lot of musical trips throughout musical history. – Caro – a Rocksinger by heart and soul ! Her musical career started actually in the dance scene about 20 years ago. As a young singer she was discovered by record company EMI and scored two modest hits with dance-project “K-line”. Afterwards she found out there was a whole new world out there, one which would never let her go ! Her powerful voice found the ideal match with the Rock and Metal music. Let yourself be guided by the warmth and strength of Caro’s Voice. –  Luc – was the founder, lead guitarist, songwriter and inspirer of the legendary heavy prog- Rockband “Tails Blue”. Later on he was responsable for the guitar-work in various Rock- and Bluesbands. For many years he has played in a very succesfull coverband. He also often works as producer in the studio . – Wowie – started his career as the lead guitarist of a heavy metalband called “Oracle”. Later on he switched to the bass guitar. In the eighties, he was the bass player of the band “Tails Blue”. When they split up, he grew as a bass player in several musical projects....

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Ithilien – Blindfolded

Solitude Within – Fade Away (Lyrics Video)

Fabulae Dramatis – Agni’s Dynasty (Fire I)