Atlas did not see the light of day until last year. During this year this English quintet released some demos and an EP.
The band now released their first full-length album “In Persuit Of Memory”.
Twelve tracks, which keep the middle between AOR and melodic rock, with the necessary jitters to keep it interesting.

With a cracking opener ‘Samsara’, where singer Craig Wells reminds me of Axl Rose, we get the first portions of smooth guitar violence and melody.
“Bad Habit” also opens with a guitar solo, but sometimes goes on the experimental tour, which makes it a little more individual.
The number is more technical but perfectly executed in detail.
“Breathe Me In” is such a feel-good rock song, à la Bon Jovi, with an emphasis on melody. Such an impossible-to-the-legs-silent-to-keep number.
A little more towards quiet rock we go with “Flesh And Blood”. Very pleasant guitar and the bridge, with the necessary powerful vocals in between,
which gives the song a grotesque appearance.
“As Time Goes By” puts a spicy opening riff in trap, but lets the pace drop slightly. Here, too, the string picker has an eye for the melody.
After the quieter “In The Frame” we arrive at “Lock And Key” that with a few prog-influences sounds firmly from beginning to end.
You hear the guitars veering from left to right.
Extra attention went to “Seasons Change”, which for me was the best song on the disc thanks to the emphasis on beautiful vocals,
lots of melody and strong guitar work in combination with a smooth arrangement.
What begins quietly can sometimes be the calm before the storm. This also applies to “Signal Of Hope”, which builds crescendo into a full-fledged power ballad.
Where “Letting Go” does it more slowly, “Supernova” starts as a whirlwind. The epic singing style makes the song bigger.
Last track “Live And Forget” has many sides, a number to discover. It may be said that these gentlemen have well thought out their debut.
A lot of melody and strong guitar work form a common thread throughout the album, which also has a beautiful production.

Songs like “Season’s Change” and “Supernova” ensure that this album contains the necessary spicy elements.
Hopefully that is also enough to stand out among the crowd.


01. Samsara
02. Bad Habit
03. Breathe Me In
04. Flesh and Blood
05. As Time Goes By
06. In The Frame
07. Lock and Key
08. Seasons Change
09. Signal Of Hope
10. Letting Go
11. Supernova
12. Live and Forget

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Review by Andy G. Maelstaf